Huckabee toes line

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has brought Southern life to the nation’s attention once again.

His new book, creatively titled “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy,” explores the perils of introducing controversial topics such as race, politics and religion into polite, everyday conversation.

With two New York Times bestselling books under his belt, “A Simple Christmas” and “Do the Right Thing,” Huckabee once again toes the line between glorifying Arkansans and shaming them with contrasting sharp wit in an uneducated, “country bumpkin” tone.

In his book, Huckabee explores the three major “nerve centers” of America: New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

This seems like a logical book topic, especially one written by a political powerhouse such as Huckabee. However, his concept of these three major American cities does little to describe the impact of these cities on the nation.

Instead, Huckabee decides to shame the South’s educated people by introducing the concept of “Bubble-villes” and “Bubba-villes.”

According to Huckabee, glamorous, revenue-producing cities such as D.C. and L.A. are “bubbles” of influence to the American people. These cities are the prime example of what life in America can be, if done right.

These “Bubble-villes” encase scores of American elites – celebrities, politicians and other over-paid, over-rated public figures – in a bubble, a utopia of never-ending cash and champagne that is oblivious to the outside world and the millions of “average Joes” who make up the majority of the American population. These everyday Americans inhabit what Huckabee calls “Bubba-villes.”

Huckabee explains “Bubba-villes” are the average-sized, respectable towns where the “Bubbas” live, and “where a lot of people are called by two names: Mary Elizabeth, Katherine Grace, Jim Bob and Darryl Wayne.”

Huckabee also addresses gun rights, same-sex marriage and pop culture stars such the Roberston family from “Duck Dynasty” and Beyoncé. In true conservative fashion, Huckabee calls out the cons of city life and compares his experiences filming his show on the Fox News Channel in New York City to the slow-paced, heavily Christian atmosphere of Southern life.

Huckabee recalls with exasperation the difficulty of finding a restaurant in Manhattan that serves grits and the impracticality of duck hunting in Central Park in a tone that makes you wonder if the book is a satirical or if Huckabee was serious.

Either way, Huckabee’s newest book is a delightful read, regardless of political views. Conservatives and liberals alike will share a laugh, whether it’s a laugh of endearment or sarcasm.

Huckabee is currently on a book tour for the release of his new book.

“God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy” is available at Hastings for $17.66 and Amazon for $14.84.

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