Greta Van Fleet Watches Over Success

Rock band Greta Van Fleet released “Watching Over,” the second single from their upcoming debut album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army,” slated for release Oct. 19.

“Watching Over,” released Sept. 7, accompanies first single and fan-favorite “When the Curtain Falls,” which was released July 17.

After the success of “When the Curtain Falls,” which climbed its way to No. 5 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in August, fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of another GVF single — and “Watching Over” does not disappoint.

Unlike “When the Curtain Falls,” “Watching Over” is not upbeat and necessarily dance-worthy, but it is worthy of head-bobbing and vibing out, exposing the listener to a powerful message.

“Watching Over” is a callout, addressing the fact that humans are ignoring their destructive pollution on earth and subconsciously relying on the “one that’s never seen / The one that stands and watches over” to fix the problems they create.

Lead singer Josh Kiszka’s distinct yet appealing screech is apparent within the first 30 seconds of the song, but the initial instrumental is enough to have any GVF fan rocking out from start to finish.

My prediction for “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is that its sole purpose will be to promote love and unity, serving as a motivator for peaceful world-changers.

The album’s tracklist was released Sept. 6 in a 45-second video on Twitter, titled “As the new day unfolds…,” that explores the album’s cover art as Kiszka narrates.

“The power of music transcends sound itself,” he says in the video. “For those of us who cannot hear it, feel it like the dancing of a heartbeat. It is a reminder that humans love. I knew it  first in darkness, like a great drum in a mother’s chest. The anthem of a peaceful army to save all the world.”

Fans and critics alike rightfully compare GVF to the ‘70s rock legend Led Zeppelin. And though there are similarities in their instrumental sounds and Kiszka and Robert Plant’s voices, GVF maintains a unique role as they rock on 40 years after Zeppelin. Zeppelin will remain a legend and an inspiration to many, but that doesn’t make GVF’s acclaimed talent dismissible.

GVF is made up of Josh Kiszka, his twin brother Jake Kiszka on guitar, their younger brother Sam Kiszka on bass and their childhood friend Danny Wagner on the drums.

“Anthem of the Peaceful Army” follows GVF’s double extended play record “From the Fires,” which was released Nov. 10, 2017.

“Anthem of the Peaceful Army” can be pre-saved on Apple Music and Spotify.

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