Gravity Falls Season 3

Gravity Falls is a popular cartoon that originally aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD from 2012-2016. The air schedule was irregular yet the series still developed a loyal following. The storyline took place over one epic summer so the series concluded after just two short seasons. This left many fans craving more. Since creator Alex Hirsch decided to end the show himself, does this mean that there’s no season 3 in the cards?

Following Gravity Falls

A little over a year after the series ended in 2016, Hirsch announced a graphic novel that would be released in the summer of 2018 titled Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. The graphic novel has four unreleased stories as part of the Gravity Falls adventure. This doesn’t provide much space for a continuation of the original storyline but it shows that Hirsch is still interested in the storyline and the characters.

Is Gravity Falls Coming Back?

There has been no official announcement of a season 3. Last time there was a formal announcement regarding the show, Hirsch was ensuring people knew that there absolutely would not be one. Weirdmageddon would be the series finale. However, there has been increasing speculation that a season 3 may already secretly be in the works. Hirsch definitely hasn’t let go of the show himself so he may have had a change of heart or some inspiration for where the show will go next.

What’s The Proof?

  • Creator Alex Hirsch has changed his strongly oppositional stance to furthering the Gravity Falls series. He has admitted that he would consider more episodes or shorts in the future.
  • Hirsch posted to his official Twitter account earlier this year with a picture in his home that had a neon question mark sign to represent The Mystery Shack and balloons reading 2020. The caption stated “My house is gradually transforming into the Mystery Shack, and the more LA air I breathe the more I sound like Grunkle Stan. “Season 3” of Gravity Falls might just be my real life.”
  • During an interview, Hirsch was asked if season 3 of Gravity Falls was already secretly in the works. He responded by asking if the interviewer could read his poker face.
  • New animation has been found online. There are questions as to whether the animation is fan-made or there are leaked screenshots from season 3.
  • Season 2 ended with a note that said ‘see you next summer’. There has been speculation that this leaves space open for there to be a season 3 being the Pines twins visiting Gravity Falls the following summer. This would give fans a way to see how the town has been since all the insanity of Weirdmageddon.

When Will Gravity Falls Season 3 Be Released?

Season 3 isn’t officially confirmed at this time but there has been speculation as to the timing that it may show up. There will likely be a formal announcement and a trailer shortly before the highly anticipated release but the wait time for that at this time may be shorter than anyone would consider at this time. After the 2020 balloons and the season 3 mention of Hirsch’s tweet, many people were expecting season 3 to come as early as this summer. Now with coronavirus concerns, there may be further production and release delays which may put things even more in the air than they already were. The biggest hope would be that the season is already finished and can release when speculated but that may just be wishful thinking. Hopefully, there is further news and confirmation on the long-awaited season 3 of Gravity Falls sooner rather than later.

There’s no way to prove that Gravity Falls is for sure coming back for a third season but the evidence seems to be growing. Hopefully, the craving for more can soon be fulfilled and bring the little town back to life for many fans who have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the past four years since the series concluded. With a little luck involved, season three may be on Disney by the end of the summer.

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