‘Ghostbusters’ Lacks Plot, Has Plenty of Goo

The reboot of the Ghostbusters movie may have ruffled the feathers of many fans, but, despite being a reboot, it paid its respect to the original very well. Even though the movie was lacking in plot, it made up for it with jokes, old Ghostbuster references and a whole lot of goo.

The movie begins with Erin – played by Kristen Wiig – getting dragged back into the world of the abnormal and supernatural, a place she had abandoned years ago.

She starts ghost busting with her friend Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and colleague Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon). They are joined later by Patty – played by Leslie Jones – who becomes interested in them after they investigate a ghost at the subway station where she works. They also hire a receptionist, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), who is cute but is dumb and terrible at his job.

They begin ghost busting, but soon find  it is harder than they thought. Through trial and error, they begin catching one ghost after another, but are still unsure as to why they keep appearing. Through more digging, they find out who is behind the ghost appearances and take measures to stop him.

The movie was good overall, but it lagged in a few places. The only things that I believe kept the movie moving forward were the jokes and the many references to the original movies, including the license plate on their car “ECTO-1,” the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Macy’s balloon and Slimer, a ghost from the previous movies.

The original cast also made appearances in the movie. Bill Murray portrays a famed debunker who tries to make the Ghostbusters out to be frauds. Dan Aykroyd plays a cab driver who said the line “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” Ernie Hudson also appeared as Patty’s father and Sigourney Weaver performed as Holtzmann’s mentor.

If the cast appearances and references weren’t enough, after the end credits Patty is listening to a recording that mentions the name “Zuul.” I don’t know what others are thinking, but that looks like the makings of a sequel to me.

image via ghostbusters.com

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