Gate Season 3

The anime series that is full of fantasy, Gate, is developed by a manga of a similar name that comes from a light novel. The novels were constructed by Takumi Yanai and made it to bookshelves in April of 2010. Before the novels came to a conclusion, Gate was turned into a well thought out series. The show has been tremendously popular with its fan base and many are eagerly awaiting Season 3.

Season 1 came into existence five years after the light-novel series was published. It was so popular that Season 2 was on the television less than a year later in January of 2016. But, fans have now had to wait a long time for any news on Season 3. Plenty of time still remains for the renewal of the third season and many believe that Season 3 could hit the airways in 2020 or 2021.

What is Gate All About?

The show is a perfect blend of a fantasy and a basic day modern world. A portal from another world is opened up unannounced in a modern Tokyo world. When the portal opens up, gruesome monsters and soldiers arrive with an all-out attack on Earth. Japan has a hard time fighting against the invaders who burn the district of Ginza. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces have to defend themselves and drive the intruders back to where they belong. After finally winning the battle against the invaders, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces establish an operating compound on the other side of the Gate to open up negotiations with the intruders.

The main character is named Youji Itami who is selected to be a member of the team in the Special Region as part of the Japanese Self-Defense Force task force. Throughout their exploration of the Special Region, Youji and the team begin to help the locals who are need of aid. Princess Pina Co Lada was aided against a fiery, dangerous dragon and a large population of marauders. This effort gains the trust of all the locals.

Just when it seemed like things were going Youji’s way, things take a turn when Youji makes a fool of Crown Prince Zorzal. The Crown Prince felt humiliated and develops a group to go against Youji. He takes command of the Special Region and wants to take his revenge out on Japan. The locals are tricked by his troops and rally them to declare battle on Japan.

The Japanese force still makes it their mission to rescue Princess Pina Co Lada, Emperor Molt Sol Augustus, and the senators who are anti-war from attack. The problem does not seem to have an end as the Japanese forces have to fight with Prince Zorzal and the Gate, which is the connection between the two divided worlds.

Gate Characters

Many characters are part of the anime series, but the main characters that fans can expect to see continue in Season 3 include:

  • Youji Itami
  • Princess Pina Co Lada
  • Rory Mercury
  • Tuka Luna Marceau
  • Lelei la Lalenna

Season 3 Expectations

Without really knowing if and when a Season 3 is due out, many fans are left to speculate about what the next season could entail. Based on the novel, the third season is expected to shadow the Gate: Weigh Anchor novels. In that novel, the focus was on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces as the main feature rather than the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. The Maritime Forces have also gone onto the other side of the world to do some exploration. In the novel, however, a new portal to the homeworld of Xenomorph is opened up with creatures that inhabit the Special Region.

Will there be a Season 3?

With all of this information and enough material for more seasons, will fans be able to see Gate Season 3? The answer remains to be seen. A-1 Pictures has not committed to announcing a Season 3 for the popular anime series. As fans know, however, it is very common for successful anime series to see many years in-between seasons. A studio typically waits for the manga to develop enough material to warrant another season, but Gate has more than enough to begin a new season.

A-1 Pictures are currently busy with a couple of other popular series, so it does not appear that Gate Season 3 is anywhere near returning soon. It seems as though it will take some considerable time to come together.

The first couple of Gate seasons made good use of having modern-day soldiers battle against fantasy creatures. They also had very positive reviews when they decided to focus on a character in their 30s rather than an inexperienced teenager, which has been a typical character type in other anime series. Their gamble seemed to work out.

Fans should not be down because there has not been any indication that the series definitely would not return, but it is very evident that if it does, it is going to take several years before seeing it once again.

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