Five Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for what you have in your life, not all-out political debates (brawls) over the dinner table. Politics have become even more of a polarizing topic in recent memory than ever before, so it is probably best to leave issues relating to immigration, taxes, war and the president far away from the dinner table. With sharp silverware in front of everyone, you (and Grandma Ruth) will thank me later if you avoid discussing it.


Please for the love of all things holy and good, do not ask any young person if they are dating someone. I’m not even sure I like girls, Aunt Linda, so I’m definitely not romantically invested in one. If they tell you they’re “too focused on studies,” accept it and move on. And please — no amount of wine can justify talking about your sex life to your family. I can assure you with 100% confidence no one wants to hear about it. No.

Life after college

I swear if I hear “You’re majoring in WHAT??” at one more Thanksgiving dinner, I’m going to bury my face in a sweet potato pie and not come out until New Years. So what if I’m choosing to study theatre, Uncle Jerry? I came to this dinner to eat myself into a food coma, not to be lectured about getting a job after graduation.


So maybe your cousin Logan sat out that family prayer before the meal — it’s no big deal. Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays Americans celebrate not deeply rooted in religious context. Now is not the time to call him out for it. Save that debate for a different day.

How much food someone is eating

Whether your family decides to go all out on Thanksgiving and fill up their plates with servings big enough to feed a group of Navy SEALs, or barely put one piece of turkey on their plate, it is not your place to call them out on it. Keep your eyes on your own food and use the time to practice a non-judgmental mind. Realize this: people are allowed to choose their own diets.

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