Five Things You Missed At Riverfest

  1. The Big Names – For less than $50, you got the opportunity to see headline artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Stapleton, The Flaming Lips and Cole Swindell, which is less than what it would have cost to go to a single one of their concerts. Not having to leave Arkansas was an added perk.
  1. Knox Hamilton – This native Little Rock band had the crowd dancing and swaying along to every song. The band’s sound is the perfect mix of genres, allowing both rock and indie fans alike to nod their heads in unison and enjoy the music while supporting local artists.
  1. Festival Food – If you didn’t pack extra money to enjoy the greasy, wonderfully made festival food, then you did it wrong. This year’s Riverfest had the traditional jumbo corndog and lemonade, but also had vendors from WonderStick (a new gluten-free alternative to ice cream cones), along with fried alligator stands, Tex-Mex from Chuy’s restaurant, barbecue stands and Papa John’s pizza for the less adventurous eaters.
  1. The Light Showers – Rain has a habit of blessing Riverfest and all its attendees each year, but this year the rain was a refreshing treat for once. Only making an appearance on Saturday, the rain’s light showers were just what festival-goers needed to cool off and get excited for the rest of the day. Cooling off with the light drizzle next to the river to watch the sunset was an added show.
  1. Judah and the Lion – One of the best shows of the weekend came from this Nashville band. Although they played early in the day and did not start with a big crowd, the masses emerged as soon as they started playing their “folk-hop” music. The band’s fusion of electric banjo, impressive rap lyrics and throaty rock had people who were searching for all different genres cheering for one band.

image via www.littlerocksoiree.com

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