Five Things You Forgot To Do Over Labor Day Weekend


1) Study

You meant to study last weekend, but during all of the sleeping and catching up on the latest episodes of Modern Family, you forgot that the word “homework” existed. You wasted a perfect three-day weekend for catching up in class. Instead, you got 18-30 hours of sleep. Even though you had the best dream of your life—the one where that guy you like asks you to go frolicking through the halls of Irby— you probably should have been studying for Physics. Hopefully you did not have any major papers due the day you got back, unlike half of the people on campus.


2) Eat

Most college students skip out on eating breakfast every day. But, when they are given the chance to sleep in on their days off, they begin to skip out on all of their other meals. School is tough on your REM cycles, but at least eat some Ramen. When you starve your stomach, you starve your brain.


3) Shopping

It has less to do with forgetfulness than it does with “I got no money.” All local businesses will be screaming at you “BUY, BUY, BUY”, when all you want to say is “BYE, BYE, BYE.” These sales are directed toward middle-class consumers who want to get more bang for their buck. However, most people end up spending more money during sale days than any other day of the year. Even though Starbucks is promoting their sale on Dorito-oatmeal frappuccinos, you should probably avoid it for the sake of both you and your wallet.


4) Look up photos of Astroscopus guttatus

Commonly known as the Northern Stargazer, this is a black-brown fish with white speckles that lives along the eastern coast of the US. It survives by burying itself underneath the ocean sand and waiting patiently until a lowly fish or crab comes along. The Stargazer then creates a vacuum with its mouth and sucks in its prey for a good, hearty meal. It can also use an organ inside its head to stun other fish before eating them. Unfortunately, you will want to forget this fish ever existed after looking it up on the Internet. Once you see it, you will understand.


5) Remember the meaning of Labor Day

Most people forget why we even have a Labor Day, besides it being a day when we do not have to be in school. The US and Canada both hold Labor Day on the first Monday in September in dedication of the achievements of the average worker. The first bill to create Labor Day was introduced in New York in the late 1800s. So next time you see a New Yorker, thank them for creating another day where you can sleep in late and skip out on classes.

image via lifehack.org

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