Five Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Writing This List

1) Sleeping 

In true cliché college kid fashion, I love sleep. A whole lot. In fact, there are few things I’d rather than sleep. Yet, as most students understand, I’ve found myself staring at a computer screen for the past two hours wondering, “What if I take a nap and then write this?,” “Could I do this in the five minutes of free time I have tomorrow?” and “Wait, if I do this now, then I can nap tomorrow.”

2) Drinking 

To keep with the theme of cliché things college kids would rather be doing, I’d be much happier with a Blue Moon in my hand, pizza in my face and obnoxious friends around me laughing about the most idiotic thing someone has done recently. Although I choose not to disclose whether said beer is already in my hand, I will say Old Chicago’s pizza sounds wonderful when you’re forced to be productive.

3) Eating 

Speaking of Old Chicago, let’s talk about food. There’s pizza, sushi, popcorn, chocolate: All things I could be consuming at an unhealthy rate if I was not writing this list. Although that would infringe on the “diet” I’ve been struggling with all my life, let’s be real, I’ll probably order Domino’s instead. In fact, I could drink AND eat right now if I wasn’t writing this. A girl can dream.

4) Netflix and Chill

Everyone needs down time, right? And what better way to relax than by cuddling up to the nearest laptop, putting on some “Dirty Dancing” and pretending to watch it? What is that boyfriend for if I don’t have time to “chill” with him? Instead, I sit alone in my room, slouching by my laptop, struggling to fit words into this column and dreaming of Patrick Swayze.

5) Literally anything

I could go hike a mountain, paint the Mona Lisa, finally clean my room or write the paper I’ve been putting off. Maybe I could check things off of my enormous to-do list that has been gathering dust on my desk. Think of all the productive things I could do if I wasn’t stuck here. I could find the cure to cancer or solve the Nicki vs. Miley feud. The options are endless.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 9, 2015 print edition of The Echo.

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