‘Finding Dory’ Unforgettable for Millennials

The release of Finding Nemo’s sequel, Finding Dory, brought children and adults to the theater, especially millennials. This generation grew up watching Pixar films like Nemo and, if they’re like me, can quote the scripts word for word.

Box Office Mojo said Dory raised over $135 million during opening weekend, breaking the record for largest grossing animation for an opening weekend.

Comparing Nemo with Dory, CinemaScore cited that the 18-and-under crowd’s numbers shrank from 51 to 38 percent, while 18 to 24-year-old audiences rose from nine to 18 percent and 25 to 24-year-olds went up from 13 to 14 percent. It isn’t surprising that  millennials’ attendance numbers for Dory were larger than those for Nemo.

In the sequel, Dory suddenly remembers she was separated from her parents at a young age. The movie follows Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence) as they cross the ocean to the Marine Life Institute in Morro Bay, Calif. where Dory previously lived. They meet some long-forgotten friends as well as some new ones.

Watching this movie was like reliving my childhood again, except I got all of the humor that I missed out on as a kid. But that just made it all the more exciting.

I hoped Pixar could redeem itself after the not-so-successful releases of Cars 2 and Monsters University. This movie did just that.

After comparing both Nemo and Dory, the latter has animation and graphics that extremely exceed the former. This is evident even in the opening short film, Piper, which is about a baby sandpiper that struggles with its fear of water.

The animators did an amazing job. The high amount of detail and the character designs are phenomenal.

Guys, I must warn you: if you take your girlfriends to see this movie, there will be a lot of squealing over cuteness. After watching the first scene that showed baby Dory with her parents, I automatically gave the movie a ten in adorability rating.

I was surprised that the plot was solid. Like the first movie, there were a few events that were predictable but, for the most part, I was left to guess what would happen next.

I found a few moral elements in the film that I thought worth mentioning. In one scene in the movie Dory, Marlin and Nemo get chased by a squid near an underwater shipwreck. While fleeing, Dory gets caught in plastic bottle rings that had been thrown into the ocean. This event brings up the issue of how terrible the pollution is in our oceans.

This film also brought up the subject of family. There was a moment in the movie where Dory had to choose between living with her parents or going back to save her friends. Dory chose to save her friends because, to her, they were family too. Even though they were different species of fish, they all loved one another.

These morals, as well as the many humorous events in the movie, are the reasons why I adore this movie. I will not be forgetting this movie any time soon, unlike Dory.

image via teaser-trailer.com, video via youtube.com

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