Feline Lovers Flock to Little Rock for Internet Cat Video Festival

The Internet Cat Video Festival brought a diverse crowd to the Arkansas Arts Center auditorium in downtown Little Rock on Sunday July 10 and Tuesday July 12.

The presentation was assembled by the Walker Art Center.

The event was set up like a movie theater. A large screen was placed on the auditorium stage which streamed a variety of cat videos ranging from Vine clips to short creative films.

Arkansas feline lovers gathered to enjoy a few good laughs.

It was interesting to see elderly couples at the event, as well as teenagers, children and even individuals by themselves (like myself). The variety amongst the audience was intriguing, to say the least.

The video presentation was dedicated to Cecil the lion.

The entire presentation lasted a little over an hour. Several clips and short films of cats were broken up into different categories, including drama, documentary, “purkour,” animation, musical and comedy.

A Jurassic Park scene played in the drama portion of the video. The dinosaurs were transformed into large, loud, meowing cats. It displayed a ridiculous yet fun twist on the original movie.

For some odd reason cats are terrified of bananas – at least, every cat I’ve met has been scared of them. The video added a “Cat vs. Bananas” section, during which the audience nearly out of their chairs laughing.

An animation part was added to the video as well. Different individuals created short animated films. This section appeared to bore the audience. It seemed confusing and a little off for the overall video. In my opinion, this section should have been omitted.

A musical section also took over a few minutes of the video. A music video about cats was presented to the audience. I think everyone was uncomfortable. It was unnecessary and irrelevant to have in the video.

The best part of the overall video was the  “Purkour” section. The  title of this section won me over. The “purkour” clips and films displayed cats jumping off of things and flipping.. It was a fun, creative way to symbolize the idea of parkour.

The Arkansas Arts Center has different events taking place throughout the week. Visit the Center’s web site to discover other quirky exhibits and events.

image via youtube.com

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