Emotional lyrics strengthen songs

Atlanta-based indie rock band Manchester Orchestra released its heaviest album to date with the April 1 release of “Cope” through Loma Vista Recordings and Favorite Gentlemen Records.

The album opens with the lead single “Top Notch,” which was released Jan. 20.

The first time I heard this song, I was hooked. The guitar riff that opens the song is a simple, but heavy-hitting riff.

Frontman Andy Hull starts the song by talking about two deaf kids trying to make a tough decision about which one will live or die.

The lyrics fit perfectly with the instruments that I don’t know if anyone would be able to cover it and make it sound as good as the original.

The album’s second single is “Every Stone” and was released Feb. 25.

While it isn’t one of the stronger songs on the album, it still leaves the listener satisfied.

The second song that first caught my attention was the title- track “Cope.” This is listed as the last song on the album’s original version has a driving force that carries throughout. It is the album’s heaviest song.

I listen to all kinds of music from pop to rock and rap to folk, but I have always been attracted to heavier music. Because of this, “Cope” is a song I have listened to over and over.

Another song I really enjoy is “The Ocean.” This song is not as heavy as others on the album, but it has a catchy chorus which makes it a song one may want to cruise to with their windows down.

It’s hard for me to pick out a favorite song on the album because they are all great. Some songs do have their key moments, which is why I chose to write about them.

Overall, the album has a great blend of vocals and instrumentals.

Songs tend to start heavy then get softer once Hull starts the lyrics, but get heavy once the chorus starts.

The emotion Hull puts into the lyrics makes this album one of the better albums I have listened to in a long time.

This was a great refresher album for me when I think of Manchester Orchestra.

I first heard of the band when I listened to “Shake it Out” from the band’s second studio album “Mean Everything to Nothing” and didn’t listen to “Simple Math” for whatever reason.

I am really glad I picked up this album because it will cause me to pick up the band’s releases that I haven’t heard before.

If you like a good rock album, this is the album for you. You will not be disappointed.

The album is 39 minutes and can be purchased on iTunes for $11.99 and the Google Play Store for $11.49

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