Drama elicits empathy

Korean drama “My Love from the Star” was released Dec. 18, 2013 on SBS network and ran until Feb. 27, 2014.

The drama’s director is Jang Tae Yoo.

The main character Do Min Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun, is an alien who came to Earth from another star.

One day he finds out that in three months he can return to his home planet after living on earth for 400 years.

However, he then meets the famous actress Cheon Song Yi, played by Gianna Jun, and she changes his life.

The show has a fantastic plot.

“My Love from the Star” is easy to watch and Jun plays a huge role in achieving that.

Jun has mainly starred in movies.

“My Love from the Star” was her third television drama.

She does an amazing job. Without her, the drama wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

The drama starts with Do Min Joon telling viewers about his life on earth.

Min Joon is different from other people – after 400 years he still looks young. The time pace on earth differs from the time on his planet.

Min Joon also has super powers.

He has enhanced vision, hearing and agility.

He also has telekinesis, teleportation and the ability to stop time.

His powers make him superior to the people on Earth but also isolates him from communication and interaction with others.

Min Joon does not suffer from his loneliness, though.

He does not think that his life is unhappy or miserable. He is just waiting for the day he can go back to his planet.

In this love story we can see an obvious conflict, something that interferes in the lives of the main characters so that they cannot be together.

One is an alien and one is a human.

The fact that the human is a famous actress makes the situation even more complicated.

In “My Love from the Star” both characters have the capacity to get plenty of empathy for their sacrificing love.

But the drama is not sad, especially since it is a Korean drama.

In “My Love from the Star” there are a lot of funny moments as well.

So, if you have not started watching this drama yet, you are missing out.

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