Dr. Dre Back, Better Than Ever With New Introspective Album

After five years of making no hit records and somewhat thorny singles, Dr. Dre is back.mWith his introspective album, “Compton,” 50-year-old Dr. Dre is hitting the top of the charts.
This album gives listeners a taste of the original sound ofhip-hop and rap, while offering the modern sensation that music lovers crave.
While Dr. Dre has mostly relied on other creative minds and merely jumped in to co-develop hit songs, he surprised all of us with the “Compton” release.
Dr. Dre’s new album release coincided with the “Straight out of Compton” release, dropping just 16 days before the movie premiered.
When this blockbuster hit the big screen, portraying the lives of infamous hip hop artists in the late ’80s, including Dr. Dre, people were itching to hear his album.
Through this album, Dr. Dre reminisces on his N.W.A roots, but this certainly does not hold him back from creating his most ambitious and bold album yet.
His song “Genocide,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, is full of bass, funk and drive.
If Dre was trying to prove something, he definitely did. What I found especially interesting about this album is how personal it is. Dre deals with the struggles of racial tension and the unfair brutality toward the black community.
We have all seen the news: police attacking and killing people for no reason and the riots it has caused across America.
My best guess is that Dre has been sitting back quietly, taking in all the events, and now he’s striking. What better way to speak out against the violence than through music?
Almost 16 years since his last album release, Dre knew exactly what he was doing. No matter how impressive Dre’s new album is, it draws attention to its explicit content.
In his song “Issues,” featuring Ice Cube, Dre calls out our government for being cruel and unfair, but also gets a rise out of his listeners by being straight-forward with his lyrics.
His album is tense and fierce. Dre may be getting old, but he still relates to the young community by wanting to secure equal freedoms.
Maybe his way of connecting with the youth is a bit tricky, but, nonetheless, he has good intentions.
“Compton” may feature questionable content and bring several strong issues to the table, but it is not shocking that he would release an album that could revolutionize modern music.
Even if you are looking for music strictly for a good beat or some bump music in your car, you should absolutely check out this album. It is full of new sounds and is nothing short of euphonious.
Not only did Dre release a hit album, some may say he created history. Dr. Dre may have been hiding for a while, but he is back now and better than ever.
“Compton” is now available on iTunes for $13.99 and declares an advisory warning for strong language.
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