Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2

Silver Link Studio produced this anime series from Hiro Ainana’s novel, which got fans hooked and excited. Their wait for the second series has been so long that they are asking when Season 2 is likely to premier. However, the primary concern is whether there will be Season 2 of the series in the first place. Here is our take on the issue.

Season 1 in a Nutshell

Death March to the Parallel first came out as a web novel in the year 2013. It ran as a novel only through 2016 when Volume 4 came into being. January 2018 was when the anime version of the story premiered- towards the very end of the year.

The main character Ichiro Suzuki wakes up in a fantasy world and with possession of extraordinary powers. He uses those powers to defend himself against this equally powerful villain. His skills earn him recognition and respect in his new world, and he soon learns to conceal them yet, leveraging to earn the trust of people in the fantasy world.

Ichiro realizes that, with the magic and the high-tech arsenal in his possession, he needs to learn how he could finally come out of this fantasy world. The allies he has earned in his exploration journeys of the fantasy world will help him defeat his adversaries.

Even though he, kin some occasions, uses his power and wealth to fight demons and their lords, his main aim is finally to live peacefully in the new world. After all, there is no way out of it (yet). He goes by the nickname “Satou” in the fantasy story.

What We Know

The series has since stopped airing- there is no certainty of when or if there will be a second season. There is no official communication, either from the leading producing company, Sliver Link, as to whether the series will continue. To the fans, this means that the wait is going to be longer- not until there is communication. Fans should hang in there still; there is nothing so far that kills hope of having a new season of their favorite series.

Death March has had its fair share of harsh criticism. Some people thought that it was not good enough, in their judgment, and they have registered their reviews. Perhaps the producers are looking into the feedback so that they can incorporate the views in consequent releases. For instance, one such concern of the viewers is that female characters in Season 1 did not have full roles. Some, especially feminists, find this quite discriminative. Perhaps the developers would want to see Season 2, giving parts that are more prominent to females.

There is Hope for Season 2

Despite the criticism, the series is popular- it has a massive following inside and outside of Japan.

The final episode of Season 1 ended in an anti-climax- it left fans in suspense. If that is anything to go by, then it is an indication of possible continuation.
The sales numbers of this novel series are still considerably high; thus, the producers may not be so much in a hurry for any new release. There is still hope that when the time comes, the second season will be released.

The novel series is still coming out even after the anime series stopped airing. This continuity gives the fans hope that, once the literature is enough to sustain a considerable animation series, Season 2 might be a reality.

Season 2 covered just the first three novel volumes, and so far, there are eighteen volumes. There is enough material to create a significant storyline for a whole season- probably even more than one.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2 Release Date

It has been quite some time since the series stopped airing. Since there are indications of the storyline continuity, we can only speculate positively, that the release of Season 2 might be soon. The wait has been long, and the potential building material for a new season is seemingly in place.

The series is still very much alive in the hearts and minds of the vibrant fan base inside Japan and the rest of the world. This concern acts as some form of positive pressure on the developers to think of giving the loyal fans something to quench their thirst.

Fans are interested in knowing how the series picks from where it left last- otherwise, it would just be an aimless show. Could Season 2 of “Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody” start again by the end of 2020 or as we start 2021? We hope that will happen even though there is no official communication yet. If all the possibilities go as we have projected, we hope to hear the good news soon.

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