Comeback Kid makes passionate music

Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid has released its heaviest album yet, “Die Knowing,” on March 4 through Victory Records. It is its first album in four years.

“Die Knowing” is the band’s fifth studio album and is everything one would expect from Comeback Kid. It’s fast, aggressive and heavy.

Figure Four vocalist Andrew Neufeld and guitarist Jeremy Hiebert formed Comeback Kid in 2002 as a side project.

Friends Scott Wade and Kyle Profeta joined the two members.

The band’s growing popularity caused Figure Four to go on hiatus.

Over the course of the 10 years the band has been together, it has become one of the more recognizable bands within the genre.

Between the band’s release of their second and third albums, Wade left the band and Neufeld switched from playing guitar to become the new vocalist.

Though I hadn’t listened to Comeback Kid in a while before hearing the new album, I was excited about the release of the band’s new material.

“Should Know Better” was the album’s only single and was released Feb. 11.

When I first heard this song, I had a feeling this album would not disappoint.

Like the other songs on “Die Knowing,” this song kept me energized.

“Sink In,” the album’s last track, was the second song I found myself listening to over and over.

This song is a bit slower than other songs on the album, but it feels almost like an anthem.

Neufled’s yells on the song mesh well with the gang vocals and other instruments. This is my favorite song on the album.

Other highlights of “Die Knowing” include Wade filling in on vocals for the 11th track on the album, taking fans back before the ban’s third album “Broadcasting…”

The fourth track on the album “Losing Sleep” is the heaviest song on the album. It may be the heaviest song Comeback Kid has ever written.

The sixth song on the album “I Depend, I Control” has one of the best breakdowns I have heard in a while.

If this album didn’t get me up before, “I Depend, I Control” did. This song is too good to skip when I listen back through the album.

I don’t really stick to one genre of music, so this is one of the more recent hardcore albums I’ve listened to in a while.

This album has gotten me back into listening to bands such as Champion, Have Heart, Hundredth, Foxfires and The Ghost Inside.

This genre may not be as attractive as radio music, but it has a lot of passion and heart.

Like other hardcore bands, Comeback Kid has strong messages in its songs.

Once this album starts with the title track “Die Knowing,” it doesn’t let up and keeps the listener engaged throughout.

While I really enjoy this album, I don’t think it is better than the band’s 2005 release “Wake the Dead.”

Though I heard first heard “Wake the Dead” in 2009, it remains one of my favorite hardcore albums.

“Die Knowing” is 32 minutes and 45 seconds long and can be purchased in the Google Play store for $9.49 and iTunes for $9.99.

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