Classroom of The Elite Season 2

A surprise smash hit in the anime world when it first released, Classroom of the Elite not only gained a cultlike following right out of the gate – but became one of the most exciting new anime shows to be released in the last few years almost overnight.

Originally based off of a light novel that was later adapted into a manga series before becoming the runaway success anime cartoon that season one was, people have been itching to hear about whether or not a Classroom of the Elite season two was going to be released almost since before the first series concluded!

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, news about this upcoming second season has been a little bit difficult to come by. Anime fans are starved for information about the potential season to of Classroom of the Elite, it’s release date, and whether or not the same cast and characters are going to return – as well as information regarding how the story is going to evolve as it moves past the original mango source material.

Well, read on because we have all kinds of inside information for you to digest regarding Classroom of the Elite season two!

Let’s dig right in!

Season Two Rumors

Rumors regarding the second season of this anime show initially started to hit the internet in early 2018, shortly after the conclusion of the first season that wrapped things up all the way back in September 2017.

That initial run of a dozen episodes was obviously intended to only represent the first building block of this beloved story. Only three individual manga volumes were used for source material in this initial series, which means there are still seven other volumes of manga that could become material for the second season as well as any follow-on seasons.

News regarding whether or not this series was going to be picked up by its production company was a little bit scarce until February/March 2018 when it was conclusively confirmed that there wasn’t just going to be a season two of this popular anime series – but that there was also going to be a season three of the series produced at the exact same time!

According to industry insiders, these seasons were both going to contain 12 episodes each (just like the original initial series) and were going to be written, drawn, and produced concurrently so that they could tell a complete story from top to bottom using the remaining manga source material throughout.

Interestingly enough, couple of rumors regarding whether or not the series was going to be extended even beyond the source material started to pop up in the summer of 2018. Writers on the Classroom of the Elite series fueled some of these rumors with a couple of tweaks that fans described as cryptic messages about potential season four and season five storylines for Classroom of the Elite should these seasons be renewed, too.

What We Know For Sure

Now that we have the rumors out of the way completely, let’s take a little deeper into what we know for sure – concretely – about this anime and its future.

For starters, we know with 100% certainty that two new series of a dozen episodes are being created at this point in time.

We do not as of right now have an actual release date for the second season (accurate as of fall 2019). But there has been a lot of noise online about this anime launching in 2020 or 2021 with both the second season launching first and then the third season launching just a month or so after the second season wraps up.

Obviously, we’re going to need to wait a little bit longer to figure out whether or not this is actually the plan. But we do know that the second season and the third season are coming soon for sure.

We also know for certain that the second season of Classroom of the Elite is going to begin with the source material of Volume Four kicking things off. This second season is going to contain story elements all the way through Volume 6, with the third season taking off from there and running potentially through Volume 8 – with plenty of room to stretch out for another season or two depending on how the producers want to go from there.

It’s also been confirmed that the entire voice acting cast (both the Japanese and English sides of things) are returning to season two and season three. There aren’t going to be any changes whatsoever to your favorite characters in this department which is always big news!

At the end of the day, it’s unfortunate that we have to continue to wait (and wait and wait) until we get official word about the second season of Classroom of the Elite – especially since it’s already been two years since the first season aired.

Thankfully though, it’s looking like we aren’t going to have to wait all that much longer until we not only get news about the second season but actually get to watch it as well!

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