Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

After a very well-received first season, Chivalry of a Failed Knight is expected to come back for a second season. The anime series has really grabbed the attention of many anime enthusiasts. People really enjoy the unique storyline, music, visuals, and dialogue that occurs between all the characters. It is also unique because it consists of three genres all at once.  These include erotic romance, action, and fantasy. Chivalry of a Failed Knight somehow manages to do the impossible and incorporate all three genres into their series.

Understanding the Plot

The show is based on the novel series written by Riku Misora. The novel was turned into an anime series later by Silver Link/Nexus and debuted on October 3, 2015. It was widely popular, but a second season has not come out since.

The show takes viewers into a fantasy world where humans are in possession of some unusual abilities. What makes it unique is that not all humans possess these strange qualities. The humans who do have these abilities are called ‘Blazers’. They are able to accumulate weapons called ‘Devices’.  These weapons represent their souls. The Blazers are extremely rare and appear to have similar abilities to martial arts and magical abilities. Those who can make it all the way to the top gain the most respect and are dubbed Knights.

The main protagonist in the series is named Kurogane Ikki. He is your typical high school student who is a failed Knight with an F minus grade for his Blazer skills. To make matters worse, he is so bad at his skills that he is considered useless and unworthy of any abilities. The situation changes when Stella Vermillion enters the picture. A duel occurs between the two and eventually, they head to the Grand Seven Star Tournament of the Knights.

The world’s best Knights all compete here and the best gain immense recognition and respect. Ikki looks at this as an opportunity to prove that he is more than just a lowly Blazer. This is when the series really focuses on the importance of never giving up. His journey to learn and improve begins and he learns to ignore the negativity in his life. Ikki looks to gain confidence and make it all the way to the top.

Character Uniqueness

These characters, despite being anime characters, are exceptionally realistic to the fans who watch them. Even though this is fantasy, they go through the same struggles, problems, and issues that people in the real world go through.  They are very relatable and that is what garnered the attention of so many fans. The characters have tremendous chemistry together and the fans really get excited and pull for their success. The dialogues between the characters are also amazing.

Season 2 Expected Release

There have been many rumors about when the show would release its second season. Many thought it would be out by 2017 but then it was pushed back to November 2018. The year 2019 is now drawing closer to an end and there has been no new information about the second installment of the series. Their website, however, offers hope that the series will return. They said that something ‘Special’ will be coming soon. There is no current release date, but with the popularity shown in Season 1, it would be shocking if another season was not released.

Possible Season 2 Storylines

Since Season 1 ended with Ikki and friends at the arts festival, it is expected that Season 2 would pick up there. The focus would be surrounding the tournament itself with a battle happening early on. It is expected that Stella and Shizuku would continue to battle over Ikki’s attention even though Stella is set to be Ikki’s bride. With all of his hard work, Ikki is expected to upgrade his Blazer abilities, which could be a new move or something that he can fix once a day.

In Conclusion

The anime series has an outstanding storyline with a strong cast of characters. Fans can continue to hope for the best that a second season will be available soon. It is believed that the filming of any anime series can be very expensive. There is a chance that the producers could be struggling to cover the expenses.

There is also some dispute over the conclusion.  Some people believe that the story had a conclusion, while others feel there is more to be told. Many people still believe that Season 2 will eventually happen, but there is still no word of a return.  There are many adaptations of the story that could be used to put together future seasons. In the end, it will be up to Silver Link/Nexus to determine if Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 will be a reality.

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