Blue Exorcist Season 3

Since the end of Blue Exorcist‘s acclaimed second season in 2017, fans of the hit anime series have endured an agonizingly long wait for news about a third season. While there are a lot of reasons to believe that a third season will happen, some fans have noted the poor DVD and merchandise sales after season two. There’s concern that those lackluster sales might hinder the chances for a season three. The good news is that Netflix has picked up the series for its platform, and new chapters of the manga are still being released. Here’s what we know so far about whether there will be a third season and what might happen.

Will Blue Exorcist Have A Season Three?

A third season of the series has not been officially confirmed. However, it seems reasonably likely given the show’s past patterns. The series is extremely popular and maintains a loyal fan base. And it isn’t uncommon among anime series to have to wait several years in between seasons. Some expected a season announcement as early as January 2020, which of course has not happened. But this means that an official announcement could come at any time.

There’s also plenty of material still left for at least one more season. The author of the original manga, Kazue Kato, publishes eleven chapters a year and has suggested that there could be four more story arcs. That would mean that at its current rate, the series would not end until 2023, making it even more likely that a third season is on the way. At this rate, a third season would most likely be released sometime in 2021.

What Will Happen In Season Three?

We can only speculate as to what might happen in a third season of the series. But here are some leading theories based on what we know from the first two seasons:

  • Rin and his friend will be dealing with a group called the Illuminati.
  • The Illuminati will work to create a potion that will revive not only Satan, but demons all around the world.
  • We will see the invention of the Gehenna Gate, a portal between the Assiah and Gehenna worlds.
  • Rin must stop Lucifer from unleashing demons and zombies on the world.
  • Mephisto Pheles will be at the center of the Illuminati saga, tasking Rin with solving riddles and forcing them into battles.
  • A traitor will be discovered within the ExWires. This person’s identity will be kept secret, but they joined the True Cross Academy after becoming a spy for the Illuminati.
True Cross Academy

True Cross Academy

It’s also important to note the history of the series when speculating about what might happen in a third season. Season one strayed from the source material in the original manga series, which was then retroactively fixed in season two because fans of the manga weren’t happy about the deviation. But for anime fans who aren’t as invested in the manga, the changes were less bothersome. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to assume that season three will follow the manga at least more closely than season one did.

Season Three Cast

We can expect much or all of the cast to return for a third season, particularly the main protagonists. With much of Rin’s story still unfinished, Nobuhiko Okamoto will almost certainly come back for season three. Expect to see Jun Fukuyama return as Rin’s brother Yukio as well. Based on speculation that one of the major stories will revolve around Satan, Keiji Fujiwara will most likely return to voice the character. With the character of Mephisto Pheles being featured in the middle of the major Illuminati stories, it’s also quite likely that Hiroshi Kamiya will return to voice the part.

There hasn’t been any official announcement as to who else in the cast might return, or if we will see any new characters in the third season. But based on speculation about the Gehenna Gate being created as a link between the two worlds, it’s likely that many characters from both worlds will return.

How Many Episodes Will Season Three Have?

There’s no way to know for sure right now how many episodes a third Blue Exorcist season might have. The first season had a full twenty five episodes, while the second season only had twelve. Of course, much of the second season had to be spent correcting the changes that the first season made to the manga. So it’s likely that a third season will have anywhere from twelve to twenty or more episodes. What we do know is that there is still plenty of source material remaining for a full third season, based on the output of the manga series.

For now, Blue Exorcist fans will have to wait at least a little while longer to find out when a third season might be released, and what might happen once it is. Fans are hopeful that Netflix will help boost the series’ overall profitability, which might help push the series on to a definitive third season. Stay tuned!

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