Blood Lad Season 2: What Do We Know

For those who enjoy a decided element of horror to their Anime, Blood Lad was a welcomed release. It presented a number of compelling elements that connected with a fanbase right from the start. This was first from the manga series, which quickly became popular. The first season of the Anime series proved to be even more successful. It combined a singular story and universe with a range of engaging characters. It has been celebrated by critics and Anime fans alike for bringing something unique to horror Anime, which has seen a rather significant resurgence as a genre in recent years.

However, while it is reasonable to imagine we will eventually get a follow-up to this series, nothing definitive has been announced just yet. Thankfully, there are a few elements to Blood Lad season 2 that can give one a certain measure of hope. To be sure, you don’t want to write this possibility off just yet.

Catching Up With Blood Lad

Horror and Anime have always gone hand-in-hand. While there have been highs and lows in the popularity of the genre, one can almost always count on a couple of releases to keep them happy. Also known as Buraddo Raddo, this series first hit the scene as a successful manga. The manga debuted in September of 2009 by Yuuki Kodama. Concluding a few years later in 2016, it told a fascinating story with elements of comedy that worked well with the series’ darker undertones.

Building on the relationship between Staz, a vampire who loves all things related to Anime and Anime culture, and Fuyumi, a human high school girl who accidently enters Staz’s demonic realm, Blood Lad is an impressive blend. The manga concluded at seventeen volumes, with the first season of the Anime debuting in the middle of that. It was released in July of 2013 to a great deal of acclaim. The success of season 1 of Blood Lad led to the production of an Original Video Animation (OAV) special. This was also released in 2013.

Since then, we have not seen further Anime adaptations of the manga, or the light novel series by writer Yasaka Kei and illustrator Kanata Yoshino. Given that there is so much more material from the manga to draw from, fans have been feeling a little frustrated with the future of Blood Lad. As far as many fans are concerned, ten episodes of the TV series (written and directed by Takeshi Konuta and Shigeyuki Miya respectively) combined with the OAV, are simply not enough.

When To Expect Blood Lad Season 2

At this point, it is difficult to pin an exact release date for Blood Lad season 2. Despite being successful enough for the series to find an audience in not only Japan, but throughout the west, as well, nothing has really come out from Brain’s Base. Likewise, Viz Media, who brought the series over to the United States and elsewhere, has not offered anything on the subject. Fans continue to wait patiently, but no one can say for sure when the season will be announced.

At this point, one can only be confident that a new season will be announced eventually. Given the level of success Brain’s Base has had with the series, it just makes sense to arrive at this conclusion. You can further emphasize this opinion by keeping in mind that the show performed well in ratings, and has performed well on streaming services in North America and elsewhere. You can also keep in mind that the series currently occupies a strong rating of 7.2 on IMBD. Clearly, everything points to the distinct possibility that we will get another season before it’s all said and done.

What To Expect From Blood Lad Season 2

As we mentioned before, there is still a good deal of material from the manga that has not yet been committed to animation. Given that the first season of Blood Lad was only ten episodes, one can see that there is a lot more to derive from the seventeen volumes of the manga.

Obviously, we can expect the relationship between Staz and Fuyumi to deepen. The manga, as you may or may not know, took their relationship in some powerful directions. It isn’t hard to see why it was able to run for several years. The supporting cast surrounding the leads can also give some weight and fascination to another season of the series. Certainly, Staz has more than just Fuyumi to keep in mind!

The Future Of Blood Lad

It can be highly frustrating for an Anime fan to wait for another season of a beloved series. Fans of Blood Lad are no different. Some stick to a rule of thumb that after five years, another season of anything is unlikely. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, and this is something Blood Lad diehards are keeping in mind.

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