‘American Ultra’ Proves to be Unconventional Entertainment

Director Nima Nourizadeh and writer Max Landis bring a unique love story to the big screen in the action-packed film, “American Ultra.”

The film stars Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as a young stoner couple with a few secrets.

Eisenberg’s character, Mike Howell, is a government secret agent without even knowing it. Stewart plays a young woman named Phoebe, who also holds a secret, which is revealed later in the film.

When Howell is working at a local convenience store one night, a strange woman appears to relay a vague message to him. Shortly after this encounter, a group of suspicious men attack Howell. During the attack he discovers his new talent: kicking ass.

As with every great government conspiracy, Howell’s memory was erased, leaving him surprised and confused by this discovery. Throughout the movie, he uncovers secrets about himself, his life and his girlfriend.

I have to applaud Landis for his brilliant script. It appeared as if it was made for Stewart and Eisenberg.
Eisenberg’s signature
fast-paced speaking and smart sense of humor shines through his character, and Stewart’s dry, emotionless signature compliments Phoebe’s character flawlessly.

However, the movie’s screenplay appears disorganized and confusing at first. I knew nothing about the movie before walking in the theater, and I found myself very lost during the first half.

Despite being somewhat hard to follow, almost being quick and choppy, the movie was still enjoyable thanks to the witty characters and overall humor. “American Ultra” is comedy in a baja hoodie.

It is silly, yet sophisticated and very clever about being dumb.But as a stoner action comedy that embraces comic book culture, “American Ultra” is a wild ride that falls short in its storyline.

Halfway through the movie, which is quite short at only an hour and half, I found myself getting restless and bored. There is only so much action one can “wow” at.

Although watching CIA agents get their necks sliced with dustpans is definitely fun, it is not something to be excited about for more than an hour.

Luckily, the action is balanced with a sweet love story. It was Howell and Phoebe’s relationship that ended up keeping my attention. Howell and Phoebe’s relationship is centered around weed and Howell’s graphic novel series about his character, “Apollo Ape,” which is definitely admirable and awe-worthy.

With a clever premise, “American Ultra” is ultimately great entertainment for anyone who enjoys a film full of action, unconventional murder weapons and romance.

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