Adele Says ‘Hello’ After Four Years

Hello. It’s me. “25,” Adele’s new album, came out Nov. 20. The album has quickly climbed the charts, and has passed Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.” There is, however, a tremendous difference, between Grammy-winner Adele and a punk with messed-up hair.

All jokes aside, “25” is possibly one of the better albums I have heard all year. That’s a lot coming from me, but I’m not alone.

At the end of the sales week last Thursday, over 3 million copies of Adele’s album had been sold, breaking NSYNC’s single-week record of 2,416,000 albums sold. “25” beat this record two days before the end of the week.

The album’s lead single, “Hello,” is the highest rated in the album. Although it was released in October, the Internet is still spammed with sing-alongs and parodies of the song. There is even a “goat” version of the chorus, which goes “Hello from the other si- ‘aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.’

“Hello” brings out something in Adele that fans haven’t seen in almost four years. The piano playing throughout the album is a key element that seems to soothe the soul. Adele’s raspy, powerful voice joining with the smooth melodies of the piano creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere that I reveled in. I couldn’t help but gently fall asleep while listening to the album.

“Hello” is not the only song on the album that boasts Adele’s impeccable talent. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” has a bouncy beat that makes one feel bubbly inside. It reminded me of the background music for a Coca-Cola commercial. I guess the bubbly feeling I had was just the carbonation.

“When We Were Young” is a beautifully written song about reminiscing the past. It is similar to Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You.” It has the same slow beat that builds up to a strong and powerful chorus.

Another song worth mentioning is “Water Under the Bridge,” which is about Adele’s relationship with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki.

With its electronic beat in the background, the track defers from the music I generally expect from Adele. When I listen to Adele, I expect to hear natural music with actual instruments, not a computer-generated drum beat. In this case it seems to fit well and doesn’t detract from the music.

The other songs on the album are not as catchy as the more popular songs; however, the collection forms a conglomerate that produces another stunning album from Adele.

Adele has provided her beautiful voice to generations of young and old once again. After four years of waiting, her fans have finally found solace in her new album.

“25” is available on iTunes and in stores for $10.99.


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