5 Words That Should Never Be Said Again

 1. Bae 

Bae stands for “before anyone else” and is meant to be a pet name for one’s significant other. It seems to be a pet name for other things, such as a white girl’s Starbucks, a car, food or anything one finds remotely enjoyable. Just like every other popular social media phrase, bae is extremely overused and taken out of context and applied to anything. For example: “OMG this McDonalds is so bae” or “He can’t be bae if he doesn’t like Taylor Swift because she is the ultimate bae.”

2. Swag 

Swag is a term one uses to let others know how good they think they are dressed that day. It is overused by douchebags in “Affliction” shirts and shorts that are sagged down so low they look like girl’s capris.It was popularized by rap culture and has since become a trademark for annoying people with low intelligence. Typically, the word is used like, “Bro, I’m so swagged out bro. Look at these Rock Revival Cargo shorts and this new Affliction shirt I just got bro. Swag.”

3. Fleek 

Fleek is apparently used to describe something that is good or “on point.” It seems to be used mostly to describe a girl’s eyebrows. Fleek has only been around for a few months, and I am already ready to cut the tongue out of the mouth of the next person I hear say it. I wish Vine would have kept the term. Please just stick to “on point” or something along that line and stop making stupid people famous.

4. YOLO 

YOLO is an acronym started by the rapper Drake which means “you only live once.” It is most often used by idiots to justify their stupid decisions. The word is primarily said by idiots to justify things such as jumping over a moving car for a YouTube video or ramping one’s bike off of a two-story balcony. Ironically, YOLO is usually said right before one does something that could easily cause the end to this one life he points out that he had to begin with.

5. Yaaaaasssss 

Yaaaaasssss is an exaggerated form of yes that one says when he is excited about the outcome of something. Just stare at this word for 10 seconds. If it doesn’t piss you off, then you have an abnormally large tolerance for stupidity. It’s just a complete over-exaggeration of a word that already exists for that purpose. If you want to show excitement and acceptance at the same time, then try containing it to one simple exclamation mark.

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