Is it Possible to Fool Turnitin?

What is the most favored tool by professors and dreaded by students? You guessed it right! Turnitin is a valuable tool because it allows professors and teachers to detect plagiarized content in submitted essays and papers. For that same reason, students hate it because detected plagiarism can have a huge negative impact on your academic future, or even get you punished or expelled.

For years, students believed that Turnitin was unbeatable. The program analyzes your essay or paper and detects the parts you might have copied off someone else’s work. As a result, students usually ended up doing unrealistic and time-consuming edits to pass their assignments as original.

However, Turnitin algorithm can be tricked, even though the company makes it harder and harder to do so. As a matter of fact, over the years, students have come up with several ways to help them beat the algorithm. Keep on reading to learn more about the best way to fool Turnitin.

What is Turnitin and How does it Work?

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection program. It first started as an academic tool but is currently available for commercial use, and everyone can use it after creating a profile. As a result, students can easily access the service, which we recommend as knowing your enemy will help you beat it fast.

The website compares submissions to all the available internet pages, online extracts from books and academic journals, and older academic submissions of other students. Teachers can ask their students to check their essays and papers using Turnitin. It delivers a Similarity Report that shows the percentage of originality and the source from which the text was copied.

However, in some cases, you might be innocent. Turnitin can detect a word that was previously used in an essay or paper, but you didn’t mean to cheat. This is why you need to learn how to beat it.

Is it Possible to Fool Turnitin?

Yes, it is. Turnitin is a smart software, but you can be more intelligent and fool it. Students have come up with different ways to cheat Turnitin. Some of them actually work, while others don’t.

Methods that Don’t Work

You should learn about the common methods that students previously used to defeat the app, as they don’t work, and you could still get into trouble.

1. Using the Thesaurus

This is a smart move. However, it doesn’t really work. Turnitin has a unique selling point because it can detect synonyms. So even if you edit your content by altering some words, you could still get in trouble for cheating. Other plagiarism checkers like Copyscape don’t have this feature.

2. Character Swapping

This is another trick that desperate students use when they’re trying to beat the app. In some cases, you can replace a letter from your essay or paper with a character from another language that looks the same. Unfortunately, Turnitin has developed a fool-proof map of similar-looking characters, and they will replace these foreign characters with an English letter to find the matching words.

3. Adding White Text

In some cases, students try to cheat by adding extra white characters to reach the desired word count and hide coped words. However, Turnitin will detect this trick and flag your content. Due to the unusual length of the words, you will still be in trouble.

Methods that Actually Work

The following methods are too smart, and Turnitin is yet to beat them. This means that you can actually fool the app to submit your essay or paper.

1. Paraphrase

While using the Thesaurus means changing a single word with a synonym, paraphrasing means that you have to re-read several sentences and write them one more time using different words. Turnitin doesn’t recognize paraphrased content, even if it was copied.

To make this work, you need to take a high-quality essay or paper and read it carefully. You will then have to write it in your own words while making all the necessary adjustments. If you’re careful, the app won’t be able to identify your paraphrased content.

2. Change the Format

Turnitin can’t read PDF files, so you can send yours to the professor. He will be able to read it perfectly, but the app won’t be able to recognize it. However, this trick will only work if your professor didn’t specifically ask you to submit your assignment in Word Format.

You can also convert your assignment into an image. You should make sure that you have inserted parts of your original content as text while adding any content you’ve copied as an image. However, you should avoid turning the whole document into an image because Turnitin won’t be able to read an empty document.

3. Hire an Academic Writing Service

If you’re tired of trying to beat Turnitin, you should hire a professional academic writing service. These educational writing services hire real professionals who have a lot of experience when it comes to paraphrasing content, so they will help you submit original content every time you pay for an essay or paper.

Moreover, these writers have access to several professional tools that help them detect copied content. They will write your paper or essay from scratch, check it using some of the most professional plagiarism tools, and send it on time, so you can submit it.

With the help of these writing services, you will be taking credit for original and high-quality content that will definitely impress your professors and teachers. Expert writers will provide you with an excellent paper or essay that you can safely test using Turnitin and pass as your own without being caught for academic plagiarism.

Wrap Up

Turnitin is a smart app, but it comes with some flaws. Some students try to beat Turnitin by altering the text color or using synonyms. However, you will only be wasting your time and energy.

If you’re concerned about being accused of plagiarism and have no time to study and work on your essay or paper, you should hire a professional writing service. You will definitely find someone who is ready to work on your task and write it from scratch to match your requirements.

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