How to Find Common Ground With Your Groupmates and Fit in

When teenagers become students, they get into a new environment. They have to establish new connections with groupmates. It’s extremely hard to make new connections in some cases because others may have different interests. If you’re a student who wants to make a lot of friends, the best recommendation is to find common ground with your groupmates. It will help you find a unifying factor.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems to be. Therefore, don’t be shy about following the recommendations from the post below. They will help you make many new friends, even if you can hardly start conversations with others.

Be Yourself

Striving to find common ground with others or pursuing leadership in groups, some people make critical mistakes. They pretend to be someone else to find mutual interests with other people. Faking your personality may be a successful tactic if you want to connect with a person for a short period. However, it won’t work in college.

While in university, you will be required to spend a lot of time with your groupmates. It’s impossible to fake your interests and personality traits every day for many years. If you pretend to be another person, other students will quickly reveal your secret. Consequently, they won’t trust you, so you will hardly make new connections.

To find common ground with your groupmates, you have to be yourself and never fake your personality. By following the recommendations from the post below, you will be able to make many new friends without pretending to be another person.

Stay Calm During Conversations

Don’t try to express other people being too emotional. Indeed, it can help you attract the attention of others. However, it won’t help you become a leader in your group and find common ground with others. Therefore, if you want to make many friends, it’s recommended to stay calm during conversations with your groupmates.

Indeed, you have to talk about your interests. It will help them learn more about the things that engage them. When others discover your hobbies, they will tell you that they also have the same interests. Don’t be shy about telling about yourself. However, stay calm and never convince other people to do or try doing the same things you like.

Also, you have to be an active listener. Let other people talk about their hobbies and interests. Let them talk as much as needed, and never interrupt your groupmates. Also, it would be best if you never argued with your groupmates if their viewpoints are different from yours.

Negotiate To Find the Best Solutions

It’s advised to negotiate, to fit in, and find common ground with your mates. Remember, all people have different opinions and plans. Most students follow different practices to cope with academic challenges. For instance, some of them spend sleepless nights and work hard to get top grades.

On the contrary, other learners surf the Internet to find an answer to the question, “Where can I pay to do my homework?” By reaching academic paper writing experts online, they manage to maintain a high college score with no hassle. Both of the approaches have their advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, there is no correct one.

Try not to argue with your groupmates if you don’t like their standpoints. If you’re not ready to accept their points of view, it’s recommended to negotiate with your mates. In case both parties compromise on their standpoints, they can reach a solution that satisfies everyone. Nevertheless, it would be best to never compromise on your personal desires, pursuing the goal of finding common ground with other people.

Find Mutual Interests

Finding mutual interests is a great tactic that will help you make many friends in your group. Being an active listener and having good communication skills, you will easily learn about the interests of your group mates. However, if they don’t tell you about things that engage them when talking to you, feel free to ask them. After discovering the things that can be a unifying factor, feel free to offer your assistance. Also, you can gather a group of college students who have similar interests and organize them.

For instance, if some of your groupmates adore playing tabletop games, feel free to invite them to gather together and play their favorite games. It will help you connect with people who have mutual interests and spend time playing board games. If you want to break the ice, it’s advised to bring some fun board or card games for students.

In a nutshell, it’s not a tough task to find common ground with groupmates, especially if you’re good with people. Nevertheless, you should remember the golden rules to fit in. Do not pretend to be another person to impress other students. Try not to argue with others and always seek a compromise. Also, always seek mutual interests. They can become great ice-breaking and unifying factors.

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