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Yin Yang Twins Get Campus Crunk

To cap off its Transitions Week, the Minority Mentorship Program brought early 2000s entertainment to the Farris Center Aug. 31, with a lineup starring the Ying Yang Twins and supported by Theme Musiq and Yung Nation.

Atlanta’s Ying Yang Twins were the night’s main attraction. They performed a range of songs and covers from the crunk classic “Get Low” to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Their performance lasted a little over an hour, but their energy remained at a high.

Prior to the musical acts, a group of four dancers known as The Lit Kings entertained the crowd. This energetic ensemble showed off dance moves that are currently popular on social media. By taking turns and hyping up each other on stage, the group’s support of one another was palpable.

Two of the group’s members — CBC sophomore Dwayne Jennings, known on Instagram as WayneSoFunny, and UCA graduate student De’Quaylon Gray — shared a few words about how much positive feedback they have received from what was once just a hobby.

“We’ve all been dancing ever since we were young …Everytime a beat came on we were up moving around,” Jennings said.

Gray said they danced so much, they decided to record themselves. He even said others wanted to join their group, and that they had so much support they were able to start throwing parties and booking shows around the country.

The Lit Kings hyped the crowd up throughout most of the concert. They even served as backup dancers for Yung Nation, a Dallas-based group known for their Texas-made dances. Performing songs like “Everybody Rock” and “Work, Work, Don’t Stop,” Yung Nation kept the crowd engaged before the next act.

MMP, stemming from the Office of Diversity and Community,  was developed in 1991 with the intent to maximize student success at UCA. The program allows students to succeed both socially and academically through assisting freshmen as they transition to college.

Transitions Week is an annual program that includes a range of activities and events that allow students to become more comfortable with the campus and encourages friendships and connections with other incoming freshmen. Picnics, Greek expos and keynote speakers are a few of the events that MMP has hosted in the past.

During MMP’s Transitions Week, freshmen are also paired with an upperclassman mentor. Through training and experience, mentors are prepared to assist with the challenges that come with adjusting to college. According to the organization’s website, students involved in MMP have been shown to have higher GPAs and an overall positive experience at UCA.

Tickets for the concert began selling around the first day of the fall semester, and could be purchased at the Reynolds Performance Hall box office for $5. Admission was open to the general public, although the concert was attended mostly by students.


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