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UCA Hosts Family “LEGO” Day

Throughout the summer, UCA has created a variety of summer camps for children, one of which is a Family “Lego” Day.

Two sessions were scheduled in June for ages five and up. The first session took place on June 4 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. and the second session is June 25 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the UCA Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center.

The first class consisted of a large Lego exhibit set up at the front of the room. The instructor, Lennon Parker, guided children in and gave them a short tour of the exhibit.

Parker taught the class with a positive and energetic attitude. He inspired the children to follow their dreams and informed them that they could potentially work for the Lego Company.

He gave each of the 20 children attending the class a certain amount of Legos as a “warm-up.” Some kids had more Legos than others.

Parker said, “I want you to think and show off your creative side.”

About halfway through the class, Parker gave each child his very own Lego kit. He gave them certain tips on how to build Legos in simple, more successful ways. He guided them through building the superhero car they were each given.

As the class came to a close, Parker started Lego trivia and awarded prizes to the children who answered correctly.

Parker even showed participants some basic steps in making a Lego movie.

UCA Community Education and Non-Credit Coordinator Lawana Hawkins said she was very excited for the turnout of session one. She said this was the first class of this kind held by Community Education.

Hawkins said in the fall they will also have “Creative Writing With Legos” for ages five and up. Participants will be able to design and build settings to be used as backdrops for their creative writing stories.

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