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Students Rock Out, Register to Vote

The Campus Election Engagement Project hosted “Rock Out with Rock the Vote” on Sept. 21 from 3-8 p.m. at the amphitheater to encourage students to become registered voters.

The non-partisan event distributed packets of information about the electoral candidates for president. The information covered the candidates’ views on issues such as abortion, marijuana, gay rights and gun control.

“Rock Out with Rock the Vote” also provided information on how to register to vote and information on the Arkansas Ballot Issues.

University of Central Arkansas students and faculty provided the entertainment for the event and a total of eight performances were showcased. Some of the performers even encouraged students to register.

Emily Lane was in charge of the “Rock Out with Rock the Vote” event.

“We just want to get people registered to get them information and just to have a nice fun time on campus,” Lane said. “We want to get people to think about what they might do if they ran for office.”

During the event, junior, Madison Green became a registered voter.

“I think it’s very important to vote because it gives us a voice,” Green said. “It would be silly to waste something as precious as having a choice in who’s going to be our leader.”

“Rock Out with Rock the Vote” produced around 65 new voter applications.

According to the CEEP, other events concerning the election will be held throughout the fall including an election watch party Nov. 8 at Estes stadium. The public is invited to all events.

For more information concerning the Campus Election Engagement Project visit

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