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Spring Fling brings free fun, food

To celebrate the upcoming end of semester, UCA Student Activites Board successfully put on the annual Spring Fling carnival on April 7, from 12-7 p.m.

Student Activites Board (SAB) Director Kendra Regehr estimated this to be the 21st year for the event and is glad it continues to be such a success.

Freshman Travis Long said it was awesome to get away from the stress of classes and chow down on some funnel cake and cotton candy.

“These are the kind of distractions that make UCA a great place to be as a student,” he said.

The event resembled a small- scale version of Toad Suck Daze or the County Fair with an array
of carnival-like food stands, rides and entertainment such as caricature portraits and wax hands.

“It was really fun, making the long lines worth it,” freshman Becca Anderson said.

Entrance, food and activities were all free.

Regehr said all event costs are covered through the UCA SAB fee that students pay each semester and estimated this year’s budget was somewhere around $40,000, or “maybe less.”

“Some of the rides look sketchy, but it’s fun,” freshman Jake Peterson said after getting off “The Sizzler,” a ride that spins and throws riders’ chairs around in jagged lines.

Freshman Jimmy Thomas said most students would most likely enjoy Spring Fling regardless because it’s “free fun and food.”

“The set up is a three day process,” Regehr said. “We try to plan [Spring Fling] for a Monday or Tuesday so we can use the weekend to set up.

Friday we closed the lot, on Saturday the rides were dropped off, then set up on Sunday and the inspection happens on Monday before noon.”

She also said the weather plays a big role in the event.

“The weather is a huge, huge thing. [This year] we were blessed with a clear sky,” Regehr said.

Last year Spring Fling was moved into the Student Center Ballroom, taking away the popular rides.

Regehr believes Spring Fling is one of the more anticipated events all semester, as it’s an opportunity for students to celebrate the end of the school year before they leave for
summer break.

This year there were an estimated 1,000 people in attendance, ranging anywhere from small children with their parents to older staff and faculty.

“We don’t advertise to the community, but it is for the UCA community as a whole, so many nontraditional students will bring their families,” Regehr said.

She went on to say that it’s good that they do because most of the activities are mainly for traditional student ages so they try to fit in some events that are open to all ages.

Sophomore Elizabeth Hastings said UCA needs to have more events like Spring Fling.

“I used to go to [University of Arkansas]––Fayetteville and they would have similar events with the food stands and booths, but no rides,” she said. “It’s cool that UCA kind of outdid the biggest school in Arkansas.”

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