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Singer Lauren Davidson visits UCA, Performs Originals and Covers

Singer, songwriter and mezzo soprano Lauren Davidson sung her heart out to some of her music and covers that she reworked into her own.

Davidson performed in the Student Center Ballroom on Feb. 6.

Davidson started off with her song “Don’t Stop”, about chasing your dreams no matter what your dreams may be.

Davidson said “I’ll Drink to That” is a song that she wrote over a year ago.  

“I wanted to have a song that wasn’t your typical party song. It’s about celebrating life and being with the people that you love and living into the moment of today,” Davidson said.

Sophomore Atlee Lambert said she thought the performance went well. She said that Davidson had a powerful voice and loved how she portrayed herself.

“I really enjoyed it. I liked the fact that it was a lot of songs that I knew and some songs that I didn’t know. It was all kind of new to me,” Freshman Patrick Hayes said.

Davidson said she has been singing her whole life, but has only been on stage since age 10. Davidson sang with her dad at times. Davidson said her father — a singer and songwriter himself — inspired her to sing. 

“My dad was a musician and we use to sing before I can even speak. He would put me to bed and play his guitar,” Davidson said.

Even though all of Davidson’s songs hit home to her, her song “Hear Me” hits home for her the most. “Hear Me” was the first song that Davidson wrote.

“Hear Me is about being in a bad relationship and wanting the person that you are with to hear the struggles that you are having and understand the emotions that you are feeling towards an end of a relationship,” Davidson said.

Davidson said she wrote “Right Here With Me” because she was missing her boyfriend, who was on tour at the time.

“I kind of just had this idea of being home and just having that person with you at that time. It’s not just about a relationship. I get home sick from my family; they all live in New Jersey. I am the only one in New York. It kind of expresses that feeling of really missing someone or wanting someone and being there right with them at that time,” Davidson said.

Davidson said she has always been influenced by singers and songwriters. She had ideas for songs, but didn’t know if she would be good at them. She said she writes her songs with her father. She had these ideas of having three songs and then it turned into five and then seven and many more

“I love performing my own music and having people hear my music that I write is just an incredible experience,” Davidson said.  

Christian Castro is Davidson’s guitarist and has been for three years.

Castro said that he and Davidson worked for Argentine singer and songwriter when they first met.

The Argentine artist moved to New York and they were out of a job until they heard themselves together. They realized that they had something and they stuck with it.  

Davidson and Castro grow up in New Jersey, but now live in New York. Davidson sings with Castro by her side in New York, New Jersey and other parts of the country.

Davidson said that a friend of hers booked her at UCA. She did some research on the university and she saw that the school has had a lot of musicians come to the school.

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