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SGA Election: Sydney Bennett

In a new Q&A series, The Echo reporters ask Student Government Association candidates about their Spring 2016 campaigns. Elections will take place April 6-7 on Org Sync.

Q: Who are you and what are you running for?

I am Sydney Bennett and I’m running for SGA Sophomore President.

Q: Why did you decide to run for SGA?

I decided to run for SGA because I’m passionate about carrying on UCA’s traditions and values, and would like to contribute my own ideas towards making UCA the best it can be. I love everything UCA has done for me and I would be honored to receive this position so I can assist with the betterment of campus and student life!

Q: Why should UCA students elect you?

UCA students should elect me because I’m a hard worker and positive leader. I take others’ ideas heavily into consideration, as well as having my own ideas!
I’m very loyal and kind to everyone I meet, and I’m already involved in multiple organizations on campus.
I am outgoing, which makes it easy for me to reach out to people to get their opinions.
I will make it my mission to assure students can be productive and still have fun.

Q: Have you been in a leadership position before?

I was Student Council President in high school, which I hold as one of my highest achievements.
I was also Prom Committee Leader, National Honors Society President, and an active member of multiple clubs.
At UCA, I have been elected Honors Council Freshman Representative and Publicity Coordinator for Pre-PT Club for the 2016-2017 academic year.
I naturally assume a leadership position everywhere I go, but I have no hesitations towards taking the time to listen to others.

Q: What’s something unusual about you?

Something unusual about me is that when I’m stressed or upset, I use Snapchat’s filters on myself to cheer me up.

photo courtesy of Sydney Bennett

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