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SGA Election: Ouattara N’golo Saliou

In a new Q&A series, The Echo reporters ask Student Government Association candidates about their Spring 2016 campaigns. Elections will take place April 6-7 on Org Sync.

Q: Who are you and what are you running for?

I am Ouattara N’golo Saliou majoring in both Mathematics and Economics. I am running for Senior Class Vice President.

Q: Why did you decide to run for SGA?

I am running for Student Government because as a senior student I believe I can contribute to make the college experience of UCA students more enthusiastic and enjoyable. I would like to make my voice count on the behalf of the huge range of students I know and what they are experiencing. I believe that the SGA is the most effective way to affect in a positive manner students’ experience and also to contribute to the edification of UCA.

Q: Why should UCA students elect you?

Coming from a very different back from most students at UCA, I have been able to understand and adapt myself to the diverse community of UCA. I want, through my unique experience to bring different perspective on how to answer certain questions regarding student matters. I plan to be an effective representative of the students by the closeness I have with them and my huge experience I have had here at UCA.

Q: Have you been in a leadership position before?

I have been chief of staff in the UCA-Ivorian Association, team leader in Team Global (International Engagement), Acting President of the SGA at The International University of Grand Bassam, General Secretary of the SGA at The International University of Grand Bassam and Coordinator of the Speech Club at The International University of Grand Bassam.

Q: What’s something unusual about you?

I am personally inspired to learn, acquire new experiences. That aspect of me has made into a person that can adapt to any kind of situation and go along with everyone. I also think my openness to people makes me someone that quickly get closer to people and know what they are going through. I am a fast learner and committed person to excellence. I believe that the unique combination of skills that have is what is unusual about you.

photo courtesy of SGA

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