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Resolution For DACA Passed

SGA voted in favor of a DACA resolution and discussed the association’s accomplishments so far.

The Outreach Committee presented its refined DACA resolution after the previous resolution was resented over a
lack of citations.

“We tried to give you all more citation and more background and less things where you might want to question where we got our information,” Senior Class President Ashlin Stock said.

Stock said the citations for the resolution came from the press release that UCA President Houston Davis sent
via email.

She also said the resolution was co-sponsored by the Office of Community and Diversity.

After the resolution was read, Freshman Class Representative Cristian Mendez said, though he supported the resolution, he had some reservations about the wording that referred to President Donald Trump’s treatment of DACA legislation.

“It’s making president Trump sound as if he’s backing with DACA support,” Mendez said. “[The wording]
gives him a stance that he’s for DACA recipients staying in the country, which isn’t a fair suggestion, and I don’t think, as SGA, we should input that political agenda.”

After SGA voted on changing the wording of the resolution, SGA voted in favor of the resolution itself, which
passed with 34 yeas, zero nos and one abstention.

The resolution essentially states that UCA SGA will support DACA students to the best of its ability no matter the
outcome of the congressional decision in 2018.

Aside from the nearly one-hour debate over the DACA resolution, SGA discussed strides it has taken throughout the course of the semester and how representatives plan to continue changing campus.

SGA President Hershila Lallu listed the changes SGA had made to campus and campus policy so far.

Lallu said SGA has funded one of the Bear Boots on the Ground buses, offered an online livestream of Monday SGA meetings, had no SAFA appeals, changed the HPER swimsuit policy and approved to allocate money to bring Jeff Buckholtz to campus in the spring.

In his budget report, Vice President of Finance Ryan Pfaff said he has been in contact with Jeff Buckholtz
and that a time and venue have been set for his arrival to campus.

Pfaff said he is also working on travel and meals for Buckholtz’s arrival.

In addition, the Campus Interaction committee plans to bring therapy dogs to campus around finals to
destress students.

The Safety committee said it plans to offer 24 hour shuttles during finals, or at least extending shuttle hours
during finals since students tend to spend more time in the library during that week.

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