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Screening showcases graduate thesis films

The UCA Master of Fine Arts Graduate Thesis Film screening featuring digital filmmaking students was presented at 7 p.m. April 7 at Reynolds Performance Hall.

The event showcased three graduate thesis films, whose creators hoped to receive a masters of fine arts degree for their short films.

The three short films shown were graduate student Scott Eggleston’s “Collection Day,” Dustin Barnes’ “In Borrowed Time” and Mark Clifford’s “Spectre-O-Scope.”

Bruce Hutchinson, digital filmmaking graduate studies director and associate digital filmmaking professor, introduced the event.

All three short films were genre pictures, which was described as unusual, given there is usually at least one dramatic film per year.

“Collection Day,” written and directed by Eggleston, was a futuristic sci-fi action film.

The film was about Taylor Glass, a collateral collector who has had her memories erased by her superiors. When she is sent on her latest deadly assignment, she has a change of heart and performs an act of defiance.

Next was Barnes’ short sci-fi film “In Borrowed Time.”

It was about a young woman who discovers a strange watch that can turn back time.

Next was Clifford’s “Spectre- O-Scope,” a short horror film.

The film was about a man who uses a strange old “Spectre- O-Scope” device to see three years into the past, and another device, the Corporealizer, which can allegedly bend time. He used both devices to stop a demonic killer from killing his wife in the past.

All three films were roughly 20 minutes in length and were met with good audience reception.

Actress Brittany Sparkles of Little Rock, who had a role in “Spectre-O-Scope,” enjoyed all three films, particularly “Collection Day,” as she praised the lead actress from the film, Ouachita Baptist University student/actress Kayla Esmond.

“I thought she rocked it,” she said. “I thought she did a very good job.”

Sparkles also singled out Rachel Hampton and Scott McEntire, who also acted in the film.

She said the action in the film was well done. Sparkles also said she liked a sudden editing trick done near the end of “In Borrowed Time.”

“I like being psyched out,” she said. “Especially when watching a film.”

Actor Daniel Lee Harris of Little Rock, who had roles in “Collection Day” and “Spectre- O-Scope,” enjoyed the films as well.

“They didn’t disappoint,” he said. “I’m very glad to be a part of them.”

Alumnus film student Michael Ferrara said he enjoyed “Collection Day.”

“It exceeded my expectations,” he said. “Scott [Eggleston] is a really good storyteller, and he really did well.”

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