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Saxophone Organization Brings Musicians Together

Students who like music may be interested in a Recognized Student Organization on campus that not many know about – the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA).

The 12-member organization meets at 2 p.m. every Monday in Snow Fine Arts Center 120.

UCA saxophone students participate in performances both on UCA’s campus and at nearby schools, such as Conway middle and intermediate schools.

Senior Kaleb Knight said the organization seeks to learn more about the saxophone.

“We’re an organization that seeks to showcase the versatility of the saxophone as not just a jazz or rock instrument, but also in the realm of classical music and other various styles,” he said. “We seek to learn much more about this relatively young instrument, opposed to much older instruments like the trumpet or flute. Plus, it gives musical people a reason to be in an organization called NASA.”

Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in 1840. It is most commonly used in jazz and classical music and is popular with military bands. Sax created the instrument in order to provide middle ground between woodwind and brass instruments.

Junior Toni Aurillio said the organization is educational.

“It’s really interesting because some of the best players in the country are at the events we go to and you get to hear a lot of great music by great people,” Toni said.

NASA adviser and saxophone professor Jackie Lamar said any interested student can come on Mondays and watch the members perform.

Students who play the saxophone and are interested in joining the organization can contact Lamar by emailing [email protected] or by visiting her office in SFA 116.

An annual $25 fee to the North American Saxophone Alliance is required upon joining.

For more information about the organization, students can visit the national website at

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