RSO Works Toward Careers in Nonprofit Industries

The Society of Students Seeking a Career in Non-Profit or SSSNPC is a new Student Organization on the UCA campus with its first meeting Thursday, Oct. 5 in the Ferguson Chapel during x-period, 1:40-2:30 pm. 

Just like nursing or government, volunteering can be a career. SSSNPC was created by Lisa Sullins, Erica White and Jessica Hill to reach out to students interested in the career.

Members will learn how to make a professional life out of helping others. Skills taught will be accessing education for non-profit charities, creating public awareness for them, recruiting, and fundraising techniques.

As a professional volunteer, aside from making a difference, you often get several paybacks including student loan forgiveness, so knowing how to incorporate civic engagement into a professional repertoire is essential for anyone who wants to work for non-profit agencies long or short-term. 

Each semester members of SSSNPC will work for a different charity to build member experience. The non-profit organization they are assisting this semester is called Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas and members will help the non-profit team rescue and rehabilitate birds of prey such as owls and eagles to facilitate their return into the wild.

To start a new Student Organization, according to the Recognized Student Organization Guide, the organization has to“[d]emonstrate an unmet need that is not duplicated by another student group or campus department.”  

When asked about why this Student Organization fills in a gap left open by current student groups, cofounder of SSSNPC, Hill, vocalized that “it allows us to go through the steps of a non-profit organization and also create connections with local non-profits.”

SSSNPC is set to be very entrenched in the community so students that join this organization will be able to give back to the Central Arkansas that gave to them. 

A new student organization, also has to “[c]reate a name that clearly represents the function of the student group.” The name was chosen by Sullins, who spear-headed the application process of SSSNPC.

Though the Society of Students Seeking a Career in Non-Profit is prepping a social media page that should be up very soon, if any more information is needed before then, you can find them on OrgSync.

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