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RSO Highlights: ConwayAcroBears

As busy college students, it can be difficult to find motivation to stay active. ConwayAcroBears is a new and unique exercise group that uses partner yoga and acrobatics.

“We come together to play, build trust, grow in fitness and self and lift each other up,” member and UCA senior Hannah Trice said. Trice, an Exercise Science major, founded ConwayAcroBears last October.

The group meets at the HPER on Thursdays during x-period in the medium group exercise room.

“There are plenty of ‘acroyogis’ to help out the beginners, there’s something for all skill levels,” Trice said.

ArkansasAcro supports ConwayAcroBears and other acroyoga groups that exist in Conway and in different cities throughout the state.

Since the group started growth has been “fantastic,” Trice said.

“One of the best things about this group is that it includes any individual who is interested in growing in health and self through moving with other people. Among ConwayAcroBears are business majors, musicians, communication majors, nursing students, computer science majors, and more,” Trice said.

“ConwayAcroBears has been such a loving, open-armed group…[it]allows you to let down barriers that we all tend to build up and it instills a sense of trust that I previously never had,” ConwayAcroBears vice president and UCA senior Stephanie Hill said.

Trice always encourages new visitors or students who are curious about acroyoga to come by the class. “Just come see for yourself, we love new friends,” she said.

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