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RSO Highlights: Art History Association

The Art History Association, playfully referred to as AHA!, is the perfect club for those who have a love of fine art but do not have the time to take a class on it. .

The club was founded in 1997 by Traci Weatherford-Brown, who wanted an organization for everyone with an interest in art.

Skye Richardson, president of AHA!, wants to promote a love of art within the community and help its members grow in their knowledge of art. The club and its events are open to anyone and AHA! is looking to increase its numbers.

“Dr. Gayle Seymour encouraged me to go to an AHA! meeting and since I didn’t really know any art history students, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to really become a part of the program,” Richardson said. “What I love and try to be open with as president is everyone’s ideas on what we can do, and what they would like to see from AHA!”  

This semester, AHA! has scheduled its annual Art History Symposium at 9 a.m. on March 11 in the Art Lecture Hall of McCastlain. During the symposium, students can present about any area of art history taken in an upper-level art history course. Students are welcome to attend and listen to the presentations.

AHA! members have also scheduled an Art Walk at X-period on April 14 on UCA’s campus, where they will walk around and give  information on campus artwork. This event is open to the public.

Next semester, AHA! hopes to plan a trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art where members will hear Judy Chicago speak.

AHA! holds meetings during X-period on the first and third Tuesday of every month in McAlister 309. The meeting on March 1 is a workshop on How to Analyze a Work of Art.

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