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RSO Highlight: College City

UCA’s campus ministry College City serves students on their spiritual path and allows them to bond with each other through fun activities and social events.

The organization is facilitated through City Church in Conway and is run by college students. President of College City senior Ragan Huse said that because some students go home on the weekends, College City conducts a service on Thursday nights so that students have a way to attend services.

At the worship service, the musicians sing worship songs with the students in attendance. Then a speaker, either a student or someone from City Church, will give a lesson.

Before and after the services, students can relax with a variance of activities: eating dinner by the fire pit, playing beach volleyball or playing video games. There is also a study room for anyone who wishes for a quiet place to study.

Senior Lang Long, who is in charge of the worship team and performs with the musicians, said that because College City is specifically for college students, they encourage students to find a local church so they still attend services after they graduate.

“We want to make City Church readily available to them and make sure they know that they’re welcome there,” Long said.

Even though College City is a UCA RSO, students from Hendrix College and Central Baptist College attend the services as well.

The organization meets every Thursday night at the House on South, on the corner of South Boulevard and Baridon Street.

Their next special event, called Student Stories, will be an acoustic worship service where three or four students will speak.

“They’ll get to share a little bit of a message, whether that’s something that’s impacted them, something they’ve gained from this organization or something that they have learned throughout the year or the semester,” Huse said.

The event occurs April 27.

Photo by Lauren Swaim

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