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RSO Highlight: 80 Proof

Student organization 80 Proof seeks to teach students about the dangers of excessive drinking, and how to use alcohol responsibly.

Junior and 80 Proof President Brooklyn Linton, a psychology major, said they are an organization about safe drinking, but are not anti-drinking.

“[80 Proof] educates students about alcohol consumption,” she said.

Junior and Vice President Jessica Partain said some students aren’t aware of the dangers of alcohol.

“80 Proof is a very important RSO because many students don’t know the dangers alcohol can pose,” she said. “Everyone should know how to be safe around alcohol and 80 Proof is here to lend a helping hand with that.”

They hold events on campus to spread their message.

“We also get with UCAPD,” said Linton. They held an event last semester where students had to put on special goggles and try to drive through an obstacle course on “little go-cart things.”

Linton said joining 80 Proof is a good way to educate yourself.

“If we have more members,” she continued, “even if we don’t have a ton of people that come to our events, those members are educated and they’re going to spread out through the UCA community.” This can indirectly lead to someone stopping a friend from driving drunk.”

Linton recalled a conversation she had with her advisor about one of the reasons they started 80 Proof.

She said some students had been taking part in underage drinking on a college campus. One of the students ended up passing out. The others were afraid of getting in trouble for underage drinking, so they left him passed out in front of the hospital. He ended up passing away.

Linton could not recall the college where this happened.

Linton joined 80 Proof her sophomore year.

“It was something that kind of interested me,” she said. “I thought it was really cool that we had an organization on campus that thought it was important to educate students on this.”

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