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Power Hour

I remember my biggest obstacle. It wasn’t my schedule, it wasn’t exercising, it wasn’t constantly being sore.
My biggest obstacle was my friends.
They are what held me back more than anything. Simply put, I was the only person among my group of friends who was attempting some kind of weight loss, and they didn’t understand what I was trying to do.
My friends always wanted to eat out everyday and get drunk every weekend. It isn’t something very conducive to losing weight.
So how do you keep friends and not have to worry about them holding you down?
Well, I solved the problem by making new friends that I could hang out with when I didn’t feel like hanging out with people who want to eat and drink all the time. Whether or not I was trying to stay fit, it was a good decision.
I didn’t abandon them completely. I just learned how to say no and not feel bad about hanging up the phone.

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