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Pokémon Trainers Gather On Campus to Catch ‘Em All

The Bears aren’t the only team on campus anymore. Students, faculty and community members have joined teams Instinct, Valor and Mystic this week while playing the new Pokémon Go app.

“We have seen many students and employees during the day, and even some UCAPD [officers]walk through the library playing the new game,” Patrick Grant, a Day Circulator at Torreyson Library, said.

The new app’s creators used data from a previous augmented reality game to create a map. PokéStops, gyms and Pokémon are located in highly populated places on the map, making the campus a hot spot for Conway’s Pokémon trainers.

Since the app’s release, UCAPD has noticed an increase in pedestrian traffic on campus.

“Our night shift has seen an increase in pedestrian traffic mostly around 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.,” UCAPD Public Relations and Information Officer Michael Hopper said.

People from all over the community are taking advantage of the opportunities to level up on campus, not just UCA students.

“I’ve met people from Hendrix, as well as regular Conway people just coming to partake in the gaming fun,” senior marketing major Ruben Camacho said. “I personally have had a lot of success at the [Harding Centennial Plaza] Fountain. It’s a prime location that a lot of people know and [it]seems people have a lot of fun contesting at that one.”

Some of the other top gyms on campus can be found near Torreyson Library, Alumni Circle, Irby Hall, Mashburn Hall, Hughes Hall and the UCA digital sign.

Although the number of people has increased on campus, UCAPD has not adjusted any scheduled patrols. As the game continues to grow, Hopper said officers will patrol accordingly.  

“We want everyone to have a good time, but we want to stress safety. They need to know not to become so engrossed with what’s on their phones that they forget their surroundings,” Hopper said. “We just want our students to stay safe.”

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