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People of UCA: Stormie Perry

Time management is hard on all college students, but senior Stormie Perry has figured out some ways to balance her stressful schedule.

Perry is currently working on her degree in art history, along with being the manager of a local Italian restaurant, Pasta Grill.

“Managing a restaurant and being a full-time student creates a difficulty to even have any hobbies,” Perry said, “but without the joy in doing something for myself and being around people that I love, I would not be able to accomplish being a good student or manager.”

To help separate her work and school stress, Perry enjoys going on hikes around Arkansas and taking photos of both her adventures and her friends. Her passion for the arts, nature and photography has led her to take photos for church events and weddings.

“What I have to do sometimes is tell myself that this weekend I can go hiking and make my friends dress nice for a photo shoot as long I get this reading and assignments finished by then,” Perry said.

When Perry is not out exploring Arkansas natural beauty, she enjoys stepping out of Conway and visiting art museums around the state.

“I fell in love with art because it is studying people,” Perry said. “Others study psychology to study how and why someone behaves and acts a certain way, sociology studies how people act and react as a group in society, biology studies how the world functions, but art history is a combination of everything, which is why I love it.”

Perry is hoping to create a blog under the name “Stormie Lee” where she will be write about her life experiences and share the skills she has learned. She also hopes that one day she will own her own photography and design business.

“Things like photography, design, music, art and traveling are things I strive to be good at because I have such a strong passion for them,” Perry said. “These activities help me to accomplish being a kingdom builder, and they keep me full of life and joy.”

Not many people can take on as much as Perry does, but staying busy is something she is used to doing and the only way she knows how to function.

“I always tell myself that once I commit to something, I have to do it and do it well, which forces me to take on that responsibility,” Perry said.

“I stay driven to do well as a manager and student because it provides great opportunities for what the future has in store for me.”

Perry says it is important for her to remember that school always comes first, but it is also important for her to remember she has to do the things she loves in order to get through life and to keep going even when it seems too much.

This article originally appeared in the March 9, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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