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People of UCA: Joshua Warren

“We are always cooking up schemes to make ourselves big one day,” sophomore Joshua Warren said, speaking of him and his best friend nonstudent Timothy Harder.

The two started their weekly radio show called “The Tim and Josh Show” six months ago.

They started by using the website platform Soundcloud and have now expanded their show to 91.3 The Bear and Youtube. The duo also featured a camera crew at Comicon in Kansas City in August.

Their slogan is “the show about nothing and everything,” which feels appropriate given the vast range of conversation topics they cover.

“We talk about Avengers, what it’s like to be a server, silly pop culture stuff,” Warren said. “We even had a confederate flag episode, talking about the history of the flag.”

The show is beginning to incorporate local music artists and live performances each week. Warren said they find local artists on Soundcloud and invite them to join the show.

In the past, they have had live performances by freshman Caleb Patton and will feature guitarist Mikey Carroll and comedian Hannah Malmstrom in upcoming weeks.

“The whole reason we are doing this show in the first place is that Tim and I are completely conceited and our conversations are so important we need to report it so anyone can listen,” Warren joked, but then quickly said, “What we’re really proud of is that we have a platform in which an unknown artist can be seen and heard.”

Currently, the show has two goals: going to Comicon with press passes next year and performing a live episode in front of an audience.

“We know we’re young, but we have the drive and we feel like we’re going to go somewhere with this,” Warren said.

Ultimately, Warren said they hope the show will open career options for them in the future to allow them to travel and collaborate with more artists.

Warren and Harder are both from Kansas City, Missouri. Warren is currently a business major at UCA, but with his newfound love for broadcast, he is considering changing his major.

“Growing up I was in plays and musicals and they let me be tree number two,” Warren said. “I really enjoy being on the radio and being a presence, that doesn’t scare me I guess.”

Besides working on the show, the 21-year-old enjoys coffee, watching Dr. Who and playing guitar.

He also has seven siblings, including a twin brother.

Information about the show can be found at

New episodes are uploaded to their Soundcloud every Tuesday and can be heard on 91.3 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 30, 2015 print edition of The Echo. 

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