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People of UCA: Josh Spearmon

Sophomore Josh Spearmon of Little Rock is a marketing student that spends his free time as a photographer.

Spearmon said he began photography at the beginning of his senior year of high school with the help of a close friend. They would go out together weekly to practice shooting and to learn more about camera settings and how to work with angles.

Now, even as a full-time student, his photoshoots remain a priority. He said he spends three to four days a week going out and taking pictures. Spearmon currently shoots with a Nikon D5300, but his dream camera is a Sony A7R2.

“[Sony’s] have no mirrors in their lens. It is just crystal-clear quality and they are great for recording videos,” Spearmon said.

Spearmon created the Instagram handle to share his photography. He said photography shows people’s true creativity, allowing people to see an image through the photographer’s lens.

“Everyone could take a picture of the same thing, but it would be different perspectives. There is no right or wrong,” Spearmon said.

Spearmon looks to other photographers, and some celebrities’ social media pages for photograph
inspiration. Spearmon said he looks up to photographer Artez Irvin; @drepic on Instagram.

“It’s just the way he poses people and his style of editing is really nice,” Spearmon said. “It is an inspiration to see someone that I’ve seen around here, in Conway, take pictures of celebrities.”

Over the winter break, Spearmon was able to experiment in Fayetteville with a relative and her boyfriend for a couples shoot.

“They are probably the best photos I have taken,” Spearmon said.

Spearmon said for most photoshoots, he prefers an urban background. He classified urban as a “street-life vibe”. He said he loves scenery that reminds him of New York City with streets, cars, people and lights.

Spearmon said managing school and photography can be a handful, but he holds goals for both.

“I plan on graduating in two years and next year, which will be my junior year, I want to get an internship, hopefully a Blue Cross Blue Shield internship,” Spearmon said. “I plan on going into sales, specifically being in insurance.”

As for photography, he said he wants his business to continue to grow.

“If you were to ask me what I wanted to do in life,” Spearmon said, “it would be to do my creative ideas, like I love to do, with people who have cool styles, and to be able to free roam and travel.”

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