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People of UCA: Jared Curtis

Some people are happy right where they are, while others can’t seem to stop moving.
What happens when your life is a mix of both?

That’s what comes with the life of a military brat.

Most people can’t stand moving to so many places in one lifetime. Those people probably haven’t met junior Jared Curtis. Aside from being cultured, having an array of friendships and being fluent in multiple languages, Curtis comes off as a regular guy.

Curtis’ tour around the world began early. He was born in New Hampshire and moved to Japan two weeks later. He spent four years there before moving to Arkansas for the first time, spending three years in the state.

One could only imagine the frustration that may come with learning the basics of multiple languages, such as Spanish and Japanese, at such a young age, but not Curtis.

He moved to New Jersey, where he spent three years. Later, he moved to Arkansas, where he completed half of his high schooling. He finished the rest in Ecuador, where he graduated.

Following high school, he moved back to New Jersey. He spent two years at Northeastern University before he transferred to UCA, where he plans to finish his college education majoring in theater and minoring in history.

“I chose to come back to Arkansas because I just felt at home,” Curtis said. “I feel I share the same values people have here.”

Along with enjoying soccer, Curtis likes the same kinds of sports people follow in Arkansas, such as football.

“Jersey just never understood how great football was like they did in the south,” Curtis said. Football is more of a focus in the south as opposed to hockey and baseball in the northeast. This comes as a relief after being in places such as New Jersey.”

Although Curtis has not determined what he plans to do with his education, his goal is to be of service to people in any way possible.

He enjoys helping people and hopes he can be successful doing just that.

This article originally appeared in the Oct. 14. 2015 print edition of The Echo.

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