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Minority Mentorship Program Hosts Freestyle Rap Battle

The Minority Mentorship Program hosted a comedic freestyle rap competition based on the MTV series “Wild ‘N Out” on Aug. 26 at the Ida Waldron auditorium.
During the show, two teams battled it out to takes home the comedy championship title and establish themselves as the best freestyle rappers.
The teams competed for points, but it seemed that the main objective was to be the team with the best jokes. The television series has ran for 10 years to date, and the show is currently wrapping up its seventh season.
Mentors at UCA pandered for laughter as they re-created some fan-favorite games and skits from the show.
The event was hosted by actor Little JJ, who is famous for starring in the movie “Beauty Shop” and the Nickelodeon show “Just Jordan.” The opening game was called “Bail Me Out.”
The competition revolved around participants imitating celebrities as if they were in jail. The other person on the team had to correctly guess the celebrity they were impersonating to score points.
Junior Austin Jordan said the game was his favorite. “It was really fun watching people attempt to imitate celebrities,” he said. “The Gray Squad was the best.”
The Gray Squad truly dominated the Red Squad, especially in the game called “Pie or Die.”
Rappers were given a random word that they had to incorporate in their freestyle rap.If they made it work, they got a point. If they failed, they got a pie to the face.
The stage was covered in pie slop after many rappers underwent trial and error to avoid getting hit. The game was sophomore Logan Melton’s favorite part of the event.
“I liked the ‘Pie or Die’ game because I got to see the main freestyle side of rap, with ridiculous words thrown into it,” Melton said.
Melton agreed that the Gray Squad out-rapped the Red Squad. Throughout the event, audience members had the chance to participate, shouting out ideas and even getting up to participate in games.
Students even had the chance to join the mentors on stage if they thought they had what it took to rap with the best of them.
Other events included a dance-off and a game called “R&Beef,” where stage members created spontaneous songs based off problems going on at UCA. At the end of the event, it all came down to the “Wild Style,” a freestyle rap battle that could make or break each team.
“I really enjoyed the crowd participation and how upbeat the people were,” junior Faith Harger said. “There were even crowd members that got up and rapped, and danced with the best of them. I never really had a favorite team throughout the event, but I really enjoyed the people that got to pie everyone in the face.”

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