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Ke$ha Set to Perform at UCA Farris Center; Ticket Sales Open on March 27

Ke$ha and The Creepies will perform at the Farris Center at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 25, as announced by UCA’s Student Activities Board.

The board began the search process for a spring concert artist in mid-December of last year.

SAB took student opinions at UCA into account in their search.

To get the largest census of student opinions, SAB sent out an e-mail survey to each UCA student asking which genres and types of singers they preferred.

From the 2016 surveys, SAB concluded that UCA students preferred pop music.

The board then gave this information and their budget to a middling agent, who matched up available dates and the price range with different possible artists and groups.

According to SAB representatives, the choice was narrowed down to Ke$ha and DNCE.

“We tried our best to accommodate to the interests of the students from the survey,” sophomore SAB Music Chair Chelsea Shivers said. “We really wanted to put on something that they’d enjoy. We’re really excited about the show.”

The board found out that Ke$ha’s bid had been accepted two weeks ago.

According to SAB, no outrageous demands were made by Ke$ha and her group.

SAB had a manageable range of $100,000 to $125,000 for the artist. The bid for Ke$ha was $100,000.

“We’re very fortunate to have the spending structure that we have. Not every school has that,” senior SAB President Emilia Barrick said. “Since Ke$ha’s bidding cost was at the lower end of our spending range, we have more wiggle room to work with the production cost for the concert so that we can put on the best show possible.”

The production cost will include the stage, lights, speakers and transportation of other equipment needed that Ke$ha’s production crew will not have available upon arrival.

A smaller rock band, Nightly, will be the show’s starting act; the board felt that the group would bring “good vibes” and complement Ke$ha’s act.

SAB will continue to search for future performers.

“Throughout the year, we try to keep our ears on the ground and listen for comedians and musicians that are on a roll and getting a lot of public attention,” Barrick said. “From there, we begin the process with our middling agent, and try to get them to come in a sweet spot of their success.”

According to SAB, the response from students has been positive on Twitter and other social media accounts.

Ticket sales will begin March 27 for UCA students at $15 and March 29 for the general public audience at $25.

The announcement of Ke$ha’s concert at the Farris Center was unintentionally announced on Ke$ha’s birthday.

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