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Fraternity Throws ‘Step Brothers’ Parody Wine Party

Phi Gamma Delta hosted its second nonalcoholic Catalina Wine Mixer last weekend.
The fraternity rocked the Holiday Garden Inn ballroom, near Oak Street, with a live DJ from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. Aug. 28. This year’s theme was “Dress to Impress.” Organizers charged men $5 to enter. Ladies could enter free until 11:30 p.m. The event is not called a Catalina Wine Mixer because attendees sample fine beverages, but rather because it is a theme ripped from the popular comedy movie “Step Brothers.”
The Hilton Garden Inn had a bar, but even of-age students were not allowed to consume alcohol from the bar if they were planning on entering the ballroom.
Police officers were on duty, and a sign advertised that alcohol was not permitted. Event staff scanned UCA IDs and attendees were required to walk through a metal detector to enter the ballroom.
Fraternity members dressed in tank tops also circulated throughout the event to ensure the safety of partygoers.
“Coming to an open event like this makes me feel comfortable and open to the community, and welcome not only to my school, but to my classmates,” freshman Laverne Harris said.
Phi Gamma Delta Social Chair senior Ben Robison said the event was marketed to students at large. “We aren’t trying to appeal to one person, group or organization,” Robison said. “Our goal is to get everyone involved, whether they be freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors, in an organization or not.”
This year’s Catalina Wine Mixer’s venue was an upgrade to last year’s venue: The Painted Room.
“We afforded the space through the hard work of our members,” Robison said. “It is because of our hard work that events like this are even possible.”
Organizers said Phi Gamma Delta plans on a hosting another Catalina Wine Mixer next year.

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