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Fancy-Footed Greeks Slay Competition, Bring Home Trophy at Annual Stroll-Off

Members of UCA’s fraternities and sororities competed in the Greek Life Stroll Off Aug. 20.

Originally scheduled to be at the Student Center Amphitheater, the competition was moved to the Farris Center due to unpredicatble weather.

Sororities and fraternities took the stage and tried to prove who had the best dance moves in front of the packed

Each team had its own style, which they demonstrated with different dance formations. The size of the teams differed, with some having as few as three members and others having 15 or more.

Team outfits were varied, with dancers wearing shorts, jeans, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved tops, camouflage, hats and bandanas.

You didn’t need to be affiliated with Greek life to enjoy the event.

Freshman Catelyn Khamisavang said that she had fun at the event, even though she wasn’t rooting for a particular team.

Host Kaylon Bradford introduced the dancers and kept the crowd’s energy up, making sure there was never a dull moment.

There was an unexpected moment midway through the event when a lone shoe that had been knocked off a dancer’s foot graced the stage during a routine; it had to be carefully avoided by members of Alpha Sigma Tau until it was finally reunited with its owner when the dance concluded.

Shortly afterward, an audience member raised a dog up, causing the crowd to go into an uproar.

During intermission, an impromptu dance took place onstage with various dancers and some audience members.

The only illumination came from the multicolored lights on stage, which provided sporadic silhouettes of the dancers.

Soon after, much of the crowd began to dance and it became tougher to make out where the stage ended and where the audience began.

As things began to settle, audience members raised their phones in the air like lighters, swaying with the music.

The lights soon came back on and a winner was revealed. Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha won the event and took home the trophy.

Sigma Kappa was the runner-up and defending champions Delta Sigma Beta finished third.

It was a hard-earned victory for AKA.

Senior AKA members Markiana Collins and Deshaunna Jamison said their members had to practice at least three times a week for over a month to perfect their routine.

Collins said being onstage in front of the crowd felt amazing.

Jamison said she was nervous going in, but the nerves quickly subsided when her team’s routine started.

Their routine was developed with help from new initiates, and was considered a bonding experience for everyone involved.

“We wanted it to be really lit,” Jamison said.

Jamison said she wanted the whole audience to be able to connect with their routine.

It featured music by Busta Rhymes, Usher, Drake, the Ying Yang Twins and other artists.

AKA President Kaley Dedner said she thinks the win will motivate the sorority going forward.

Collins and Jamison said dancing isn’t just a fun hobby for them because it plays an important role in self-expression.

“It’s freedom. It’s a release,” Collins said.

Photo by Lauren Swaim.

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